Thursday, October 7, 2010

and it's october.

how did that happen? sheesh. and today, my beautiful newborn is 5 weeks. how did THAT happen? it really does feel like yesterday i was staring into his face at the hospital, waiting for sam to come and pick us up. wilder and i enjoyed several hours of alone bliss before we headed home to the zoo, um family, that was awaiting us.
and its been full steam ahead ever since.
i don't have much blog worthy to say tonight. i wanted to post a 5 week shot of my little man, and check in, cause its been a couple of weeks.
how fast weeks fly now.
i really want to do some fall art projects with the kids, hope i can get myself into gear for that. we did make little leaf people (an idea i saw on one pretty thing) that was really quick and easy, and the kids are still playing with their people weeks later. maybe it hasn't been that long. i burnt myself with my hot glue gun when we made them and the burn is still on my wrist.
how long do burns last?
i was planning on going north next weekend, but it isn't going to happen. i need to plan a trip. i have some special people i need to see. and christina, my sister has learned to sew, so she will definitely want to do some fabric shopping in portland (and just oodle at your awesomeness- i saw lunch bags at ben franklin and fought the urge to prop it open to your bag for all shoppers to see!)
tonight i read to campbell out of Charlotte's Web. his attention lasted for 2 chapters and then we had to quit when henry wouldn't stop jumping on me. it was a very special time. i love to read out loud, and soon campbell won't need me too. i mean really soon, his reading is impressing me more and more each day.
mason's turning into a girl more and more each day. she's kissing longer. uh-oh. but really, its cute. she's realized that giving a kiss is a special thing. lately when she goes into take her nap she'll be naughty and get out of bed and cause mayhem (aka waking henry from his much needed naps) but then sometimes i'll peer in at her, undetected, and watch her playing with her dollhouse, or animals, or looking at books, or today- cuddled in bed with all her elephants and having the "mommy" take care of the "baby".
be still my heart.
and then there's henry. he walked around all day today with "that's not my dragon" a book that i bought for campbell years ago. he would only flip between the first two pages, but he carried it around, "reading" it all day. and today as i was nursing wilder, he came up with his book and sat next to us, and kept leaning over kissing wilder's head.
and my baby, my new baby (because henry is still the baby in my heart) nurses like a champ, is being such a good sport about all the gentle love he gets from his siblings, and gives me more sleep at night than i deserve.
when i found out that sam wasn't going to be able to take his 6 weeks off like we had hoped, i knew that being alone with the kids early on would either solidify in my mind that i was done having babies, or make me realize i could handle more.
well, i know i can handle more. both sam and i realize that.
but do we want more.
how's about this: is my sister gets pregnant in the next 6 months, then it will be pretty impossible to resist the urge to have a baby at the same time as her (a month or 2 later obviously) but to have cousins the same age.... and to share a pregnancy with her.....
of course, tomorrow i might be ready to pull my hair out, you never know.
all i know is, i'm getting a quiet few minutes to myself at the craziest time of day, and i have a pretty nice husband to thank for that.
sorry for the random post (although i have real random thoughts to share at another time). i had no real topic in mind when i sat down. and then the fact that my baby is 5 weeks, and it goes so fast, made me want to write down the memories i have of today, because sad as it is, this- blogging, pictures, journaling, is the only way to keep the memories for me.
and they are so precious, i don't want to lose more than i have.