Wednesday, May 27, 2009

my new dress.

this post will most likely be followed next week by a second post entitled: my second new dress.
i love this pattern! thank you to heather ross, for your sewing brilliance, and your generosity.
if you love to sew at all- go get the pattern, and start right away.
the dress was very easy to make.  it was quick and easy to cut out and sew together.  however when it came to the "smocking" of the dress, oh my.  never in my wildest dreams had i imagined that sewing 8 inches of thread/elastic would take so unbelievably long.  it was like watching water boil at the sewing machine.  you have to go as slow as a turtle to ensure that everything stays straight.  which i have several rows that are not.
and then.  the straps.  oh my.  that was part of the dress i re-tried several times, and i am still not even sure if they look right.  one strap is about 1/4 of an inch wider than the other, but i can live with it. i am also not quite sure if they are placed evenly on the bodice, but it was starting to make me crazy so i had to settle for what i had.  
i wasn't quite sure how to sew up the straps- i ended up ironing the straps towards the middle, and then sewed a little flower stitch all the way down the middle.
all in all- this was a great way to spend 8+ hours of sewing time.  sheesh.  i wonder if it would have taken that long if i had a few hours of time alone, without tiny spurts of interruption. 
either way- i have more fabric in the dryer right now- another dress is on its way!

** i still need to post pictures of mason in her new little dress and bloomers (she looked adorable, i am thrilled with how it looks on!)
** and i'll post some pictures of me in this dress so you can see how it hangs!

Monday, May 25, 2009

a second try.

my first try at this pillowcase dress turned out awfully wide.  so after having Serena give it a second look, she said i could easily enough um, un-widen the dress.  so i shortened the arm holes a tad, and took in the dress about 3 inches.
Mason has become increasingly interested in taking off her diaper, so she needs a barrier, hence the little pink bloomers.  however they really aren't little.  two things i have learned from this project: one, i need to take in the sides a bit more for Mason- she's not that wide! and two, i really need to measure the amount of elastic i am going to use per pant leg.  i really just guessed.  now this will work for this small little project, but i need to make some more for Mason to wear this summer, so you will see some more!

hopefully i can post some pictures of my little Mason wearing this tomorrow!

Thursday, May 21, 2009


i am so happy with this bag. in fact so happy with how it turned out that i just had to take a picture and blog about it, and it still has an opening that needs to be sewn up.
i would love to just brag, brag, brag and say "this is from my own pattern!", which it kind of is, but it simply is more from my own mind.  and there is nothing to brag about, as it is was so simple to make, and i really believe that anyone who has made a bag could create this.
however: this was all me!
i love love love the fabrics, the length, and the lining (wondering if i will ever run out of that fabric?)  
however, this is not for me.  yes, there is an "m" on the bag, but it is for my friend Meaghen's birthday in a few days.  it is incredibly tempting to want to keep this bag... but i will just have to make my own... 
which i can, i still have more fabric!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

oh God, beer me strength.

momma said there'd be days like this, right? well this was a horrid night.  and i wouldn't really waste everyone's time in a venting post, but i know that we all have nights like this.
it started with a rough afternoon of running fun errands.  but Sam lost patience with the kids early on (completely understandable, he really has been a super dad these past 8 weeks, and every now and then we both need a break), so i stepped up and gave the kids uber patience.
i didn't realize that my patience would be all spent before we arrived home, i really didn't know that my patience was literally in a measuring cup, and well, it just poured right out.
so by the time we got home (at 5) it was only 40 minutes before Sam needed to leave to play worship music (i could have used some worship time, myself... still do).  so i dash into the kitchen and start dinner.  while i do, i notice crawling stupid beetles on my window, so i run outside (first mistake) and see them all over the side of the house.  so i send Sam out to spray them down (second mistake) and now i am alone, in the kitchen with all 3 kids.
Campbell's prattling about, and Mason is wandering around, Henry's in the baby seat.  so i start making dinner, and turn around to see Mason, feet at the top of the baby seat- head facing the floor- and no Henry... because she was LYING on top of Henry.  i started shrieking, pulled her off, and somehow Henry was just smiling.
so dinner goes off... with Mason crying the whole time.... and Campbell foregoing eating.
anyways. Sam leaves, and in the next 30 minutes all hell breaks loose.  Mason just melts down throwing a full on fit as she has removed her diaper (something she can't get enough of) and is refusing my lovingly offer of a new diaper and jammies. Campbell pushes/kicks/hits her 3 times (resulting in him no longer getting to watch his movie- the movie that was keeping him out of my hair while i desperately tried to fold some laundry, i'm 4 loads behind- that's 4 loads of clean laundry) so both Mason and Campbell go down by 6:45... 
and around 6:30 (yes during all that fun) Henry starts absolutely screaming his head off.  reaching levels of sound i have yet to hear.  and he will not be consoled, leaving me to believe perhaps i have a colicky baby (shudder). well he screamed until about 8:00pm.  i finally tried swaddling him (after many other things) and held him, and he had the worst hiccups that just radiated his whole body (most likely from all the screaming).
so here i am.  8:54.  i have taken a brief break from cleaning to type this while it is all fresh on my mind.
why? why cleaning? why not a heavy glass of wine? well, i am out of wine.  and my house is a disaster.  and despite how much i really want to be sitting at the sewing machine working on about 4 unfinished projects and 30 wishing to start projects and listen to the drumming of old tv... i can't.  the house truly is awful, and it does need some attention.
do i feel resent right now? initially.  and then i find some perspective. 
i can just seem myself, years down the road, sitting at my sewing machine surrounded my a clean perfect house, empty house... and being really sad.
don't get me wrong- that will be great, all in its time.  but i know that i will be sad that these days have passed.  my babies are only babies for a brief blink your eyes and its over minute.  i will have more time in my life without them around, then with them around me all the time.  as much as it sucks on some days, these precious moments are all we have.
so if your day has been bad, i can sympathize.  its hard.  but its wonderful.  
so, God, beer me strength... so i can see what i have, love who i have, and have even more patience to enjoy and appreciate what You have given me.

Sunday, May 17, 2009


i have been gone for a bit.  friday morning we left for a quick getaway, our destination was Point Reyes.  however, we did not make it.  alas, all fun was not lost.
instead, we went to beautiful Muir Woods, hit up a fantastic REI used gear sale (if you aren't a co-op member... think about it!) and headed into the city, over the Golden Gate Bridge on the clearest and sunniest of days.  ending our quick trip with a jaunt into the California Academy of Sciences brand new aquarium.  the aquarium was just so wonderful.  Campbell got so excited by every single fish he saw, and there was just so much more than fish!
it is a tad expensive (to visit the aquarium) but was a very fun experience.
so more interesting blogging will resume later.
the plan is drive up to redding tomorrow (monday) and visit with friends.  
however, as the last 2 days showed me, all plans can change, and seeing that we are currently sacking out in the living room, trying to regain energy (the children just seem to drain us) and try try try to cool off (the first heat wave has arrived) and sitting all around us is pretty much absolute disaster (including wet laundry that has not been dried, a sink of dirty dishes, and just bags and bags of stuff everywhere) who knows what will happen!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

love this.

i am so happy that i bought this pattern. thank you to the sometimes crafter for doing all the hard work in coming up with it.

hope this doesn't spoil to much fun for some of you, but this will be a gift i shall be giving away this year.

Bubble Blowing Skirt and Top GIVEAWAY!!!!

Bubble Blowing Skirt and Top GIVEAWAY!!!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

why oh why.

could someone please tell me why it is so hard to make handmade gifts for guys?  i really want to make all of my gifts, but i can only slap my kids pictures (not slap my kids) on so many gifts for the dads and uncles.  and aprons are all enjoyed once every so while...

why aren't there better options?

any helpful ideas would be very much appreciated.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


i really love this drawstring bag pattern.  this is actually the third one i have done.  

this was for my momma for mother's day.  i thought she would really like the simple colors.  i made one slight modification this time.  i added a layer of batting.  why? because i intended for her to use as it a little bag for her digital camera.
i also made one for Sam's mom, but i forgot to take a picture! drat.  
you will most likely be seeing this one made again, as i try and change it up some more!

Monday, May 11, 2009

finished project.

i finally did this little project.  i had been wanting to do it every since i saw it featured on sew mama sew, and i have since down know 2 projects from the sometimes crafter (but you will have to wait for pictures of the other project i have done).

i am pretty happy with the way it turned out.  my sewing is still not so straight at all, but with practice it may- nope- WILL be... well, hopefully.
i really loved this tutorial.  and i will be doing it again.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

100 posts.

 100 posts.  Wow.  I am quite surprised that it went that quickly.  Well, it isn’t that surprising when a lot of my posts were rather boring vents on life, or lists of things I needed to accomplish.

But I am happy.  100 posts.  Something tangible that I have accomplished. 

This blog has been so wonderful for me.  The blogging community is a fairly amazing thing.  Even though I may not be viewed by a wide multitude of people, I love having the accountability to do something for myself.

I hope with my next 100 posts to be a little more consistent in what I blog about.  I hope to show more of what I love, more of what I do, and more of what I want to do. 

Thank you to all who check in on me and my generally wondering thoughts.


Friday, May 8, 2009

lofty dreams.

the five top things i wish i could be paid to promote:

1) Breastfeeding.
its free. its the best for your baby. and it rapidly speeds up losing the baby weight. 

2) the Sleepy Wrap.  really baby-wearing in general.  i have a wonderful hand made Mei Tai which i plan to use to carry Henry on my back.  but baby-wearing is just absolute the greatest thing in the world.  i just love the special bonding of having them so close to you.  and when you have more than one child it is almost essential to have your hands free.

3) the Firm
i am a firm believer.  i have had the "fanny lifter" and related videos for almost 7 years. i have since added to my Firm video collection.  i know that a lot of people may be wary of home work out video things- but these are absolutely amazing.  the truly do shape and sculpt your body, the are really tough, they have videos for all levels- but most importantly: they are such a blast to do! i love waking up in the morning (well, maybe i don't love waking up... depends on what time said waking up is taking place) and deciding which video i am going to do (i know have probably 12). if you are looking for any type of home exercise video- i swear by these.

if you are trying to lose weight, or looking to eat healthier, i highly recommend Weight Watchers.  you can eat anything you want (unlike some diet fads that have you eliminate certain groups of food entirely).  i love going to the meetings.  you truly get support from other women (and sometimes men) who are trying to get a hold of their eating.  for me, its portion control.  i am such a control freak that this program absolutely works for me.  i am so meticulous that having someone tell me how many points i can use in a day and a week just fits me perfectly.
and it really works.  now, i haven't had the opportunity yet to lose the weight and "keep it off".  the very day i hit my goal weight i discovered i was expecting sweet Henry.
so next week, i haven't picked a day, but next week i will be resuming my membership.  and will then be quickly on my way to my goal... not so much a weight goal- but the goal of getting back into my clothes that are anxiously awaiting me.

5) Tivo 
i don't care what you have to say, DVR is not superior to Tivo at all.  i love my tivo.  it is wonderful.  and i could talk about it all day long.

so there are the top 5 things that i would love to be paid to run my mouth off about.  because trust me, if you give me five minutes of your time, i usually have something to say about this.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

not quite the bookworm.

in one of my very first posts, i had a long list of goals for myself.  and specifically i had books that i really wanted to read.  i think since January i am not quite sure if i have really finished a book. (i am trying to remember when i read the Twilight series... maybe since January?)  perhaps i read a C.S. Lewis book? where has my memory gone? i know i read a Francine Rivers book.
clearly, i need to read more.
which is where this post is going.
i am so far behind on reading the Bible in one year.  and it really disappoints me.  i only made it as far as the beginning of Numbers last year, before i got so far behind i didn't try to catch up.
i was doing so well this time- 1 Samuel.
then i had a baby.
and somehow i am (gulp) 3 full books behind.
what to do?
not be discouraged! trying to catch up on those 3 books isn't going to help me get on track.
so this is what i am going to do:
start reading the One Year Bible- from today's date on.
yes, i'll miss out on some of the Bible this year, but I'll read it from May 5-Dec. 31st.  then start over.  this gives me accountability of spending time in the Word each day, which is what i am desperate for.
Hmmm... perhaps a weekly post on what i am reading? i have 5 books sitting out in the living room that i wish i was reading.
and maybe i will put this down, and pick up one of them.

Monday, May 4, 2009


there is this tree outside my door
it seems to grow from a core
that can't contain its simply glee
to maybe try and reach the sea.

but for now it grows so high
and spreads it branches to the side
and i can only stand and ponder
as to who Creates such wonder.

the title "who-ville" is in honor of Dr. Seus.  the tree reminds me of something i would find in a Dr. Seus world, hence the rhyming poem that follows.

Sunday, May 3, 2009


while going through picture organization on my computer i found this photo.
i think technically this was our first family picture.
that's our mii family.
in case you can't tell, from left to right:
Mason, me, Sam, Campbell, Henry.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

so much love.

i love my new little baby.  i love my growing family.  i love this time off with Sam.

and i love love love getting back to my sewing machine!

with birthdays, baby showers, and mother's day all coming up in the near future there has been great need to dust the sewing machine off and pull laundry off the ironing board and start projects!
Align Left
this little drawstring bag took about 1 month to finish.  not because it was difficult (its pretty simple to make) but because i did 2 minutes here, 5 minutes there.  but finally it is done!
its a birthday present for a dear friend of mine. there is a second part to the present, but i need to get a button...
hopefully i will be posting more finished projects soon!

Friday, May 1, 2009

may day.

happy May Day.
for May Day you are to find (or deliver) flowers to friends and loved ones to there front door for them to find on May 1st.  this happened to me once, and since i can't get out there and deliver flowers to everyone.... enjoy this pretty picture.