Saturday, January 31, 2009

checking in... on another week

and from 1o, comes 9
and now 8!
believe it or not, it does make it seem a little faster doing a countdown like this.  and i think with baby number 3 i am not quite as apprehensive as i have been in the past.  i have my hands full with 2 wonderful, busy, energetic children (ok basically babies still) so having the extra time to wait for little henry is just fine.
but it is time now to see how much progress i have made on my hefty list of things to do.
don't be surprised if i have added some things, and taken others away... i keep realizing things i would rather do, and deciding that some things don't need to be done.  its shocking- me changing my mind.
**- means an item is done!
10 gifts to make
Piper Birthday Gift-so i still haven't marked this as done, simply because i still haven't wrapped it, and i am missing part of the gift... it either got given to campbell accidentally, or it is floating around in my closet (the floating around in the closet clearly indicates that cleaning my closet has not been done)
Madeline Birthday Gift-i have pinned part of this project- so a little progress!
Kris Birthday Gift- so i still have 2 pieces cut for this, but i think i have decided that i want to make a different project ( i only cut 2 lining pieces so its not a big project to change) i just realized that i would like to find a project that requires slightly less (or none) interfacing.
Jana Birthday Gift-no additional progress has been done, everything is still cut, pressed and ready to go.
Meaghen's Baby Gift- i have let my mind wander on what i would like to make...
Jana's Baby Gift- more mind wandering, but nothing real done.
Mother's Day gifts for friends- still just the 4 cut out
Sam's Mom and My Mom's mother day's gifts
Gaia Birthday Gift
Vera Gift- still have things cut but that is it.
Wow- so in this category I really made absolutely no progress. Yikes! Well, I do have one week of work left, then maybe next week I will fly through it???

10 organizational or random projects
clean out hall closet- happily started! halfway done!
clean out my side of the closet- this really needs to get done.
clean out under our bed- this is almost crossed off, really i guess i could cross it off, sam moved our bedroom around, and doing that forced us to clean out all the garbage/storage under our bed- but i still have 2 little bags under there that i need to go through... so when that happens...
**clean our living room dresser-i do officially feel like this one is done!
resort my craft stuff- Major progress! everything in the backroom is sorted, all sewing stuff is one place, but the back room is still a bit of a mess, so its almost done.
put together car basket
put up a sewing shelf
**finish names in the kids rooms-DONE! and actually redone (as campbell pulled the two L's of his name off 2 days after they were rehung!)
put up pictures of Mason- i have begun transferring pictures onto Shutterfly (free unlimited picture storage) so i think i am headed down a good road.
**clean out baby boy clothes- DONE! i pulled out all the clothes i will absolutely not need with henry (who needs 30 oneseis for one baby) and the extra clothes have been moved out to the garage (in the appropriate bin) and all henry's clothes are organized!
additional to add:
buy and paint henry's name
put up special frames on top shelf in kids room
hand wall photo boards in kids room

10 projects for me and my family
**my diaper bag-DONE! and i absolutely love it! its all packed for church tomorrow.  if i am not to exhausted, i will post pictures of it tonight. 
Mason's Easter Dress-this is changing- to an Easter Skirt which will be a slightly easier project, and i already have the pattern picked out.
Easter pants for Campbell-still need a pants or long shorts pattern.
Wrap Skirt for me- Easter-so i am definitely doing this- i have all the fabric i need- and it will match Mason's skirt!
Campbell drawstring bag
Henry baby blanket- crochet - almost, almost, almost finished! need to do a few more rows of edging, and then weave in my ends.  ooh and maybe make a mini version of it...
diaper pouch
my window frame project- once i get my photo book in the mail, i will see if i can order pictures from the same site.
laptop case
kimono dress for Mason
And i am adding an 11th- i'd like to get a few fabrics for Campbell, and make him a quilt for his new big boy bed... ok, so i've changed my mind, no quilt for Campbell at this time, but instead wait for his 4th birthday, when he will most likely move into a twin sized bed.
but i do have an 11th to add:
make Henry baby booties to bring him home from the hospital in (and get my sister to knit him a hat)

10 absolutely random things that need to be done
hang crates- i am not totally sure if this will be done... not because of time, but due to aesthetics.
pictures in back room
**Mason on Healthy Families- application is completed, stamped and ready to go on Monday!
make springtime decorations
do taxes :)- i have started this... it would be nice to get Sam's W2!
make Christmas list
find out about gas stove reimbursement
organize van
10 blog entries about my 10 weeks- 2 out of 10 done!
write my Grandmas
and adding an 11th- hang stuff in the kids room to fill up the blank white walls! now that mason is in the crib i can finally hang something above the crib! well i previously added this above- but i did hang a quilt above the crib...

ok, so little things are still being done.  and things did get crossed off the list, i still want to see more things done! it doesn't help that i keep adding more to do... i just keep getting more ideas, but i guess it is good to keep myself busy- it is making these weeks go by fast!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

maybe an interesting find?

maybe, maybe, maybe.
as posted earlier, i had been planning on doing my free photo book from Shutterfly.  however, last night at 11:50, i had the brilliant idea to check and make sure i had until today to finish my book.
i didn't. i had 10 minutes.
it did not happen.
quite a bummer, seeing that i had spent the better part of the week uploading pictures to the site.
through my discouragement, i ended up googling "free photo books"
and i came across: ArtsCow
i signed up for my free membership- and i cannot believe the amount of free stuff they will give you.
here's one fantastic free thing:
1200 free pictures over the next 6 months.
i'll get 100 free pictures, i pay shipping, every month.
and that is really the tip of the ice berg.
don't believe me? sign up!
i just ordered my free photo book (yup i finished)
and when it gets here i will let you all know how it looks, if the quality is great or not...

i love simple mom

yup, i do! i love this website blog.  its encouraging, has great tips, and is just plain wonderful. my favorite thing is that Tsh (the author) refers to us moms/wives as "home managers".  funny how a very simple phrase can just put it so perfectly.  that is what i am. and if the day comes that i need to find a different job, my resume will list "home manager" for many years- and it will list it proudly!

Anyways, Tsh over at Simple Mom is having a week of wonderful giveaways:

To enter to win a wonderful outdoor nature kit for you kids:

To enter to win a truly neat baby gift  this one has given me some pretty interesting ideas for my own baby gifts to give!

** I would love that one... meal planning always feels so taxing, and they are healthy meals- I only have a few more weeks till Weight Watchers starts up again!

Well, that's about all for today! It would be fun to win one of these...

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

a little thing i did

what do you get when you are tired of cords lying around and have a tiny bit of super cute fabric?


before: a messy computer corner, with charger cords and ipods

still some messy cords in the background, but that can't be helped yet.
but now, i have a beautiful little pocket, in a handy location, where i can stuff plug cords and flash drives and other items that are always just lying around.
now i just need to get a little more fabric and maybe make a little fabric box to keep my camera in.... and then a little more for a pretty skirt or something.


my blog of utter frustration late monday night, could have very well have been followed by another blog of utter frustration tuesday night, but i was exhausted and felt like all of my complaining combined with even more complaining wouldn't be uplifting or encouraging to anyone- probably not even myself.
so self-loathing and moping on the couch was what i did instead.

however! my week of work is over.  and i only have 3 more days.  and then never again.  which is weird to say, because i am sure that in a few years i may get myself a fun part time evening job (few years is relative- this could be like 10, but i also tend to thrive on an overfull plate, and so i may find something in a few years- who knows, don't hold me to anything).  
but you know what. i do have a job! a pretty darn full time job.  the list of job requirements i have i think would be overwhelming to most people, plus when they see the hours i work- oh my. but i do love it.  even when i am hating it, and frustrated, i love it.
but i am so ready to have my husband and my children be my full focus.  i am excited to have nothing as a responsibility other than my husband, my children, my home, and being an encouragement to the people i love.

i love my husband, and i love my children.
and having my husband smile at me over his dinner, and my son reciting his memory verses, and my daughter toddling around always laughing at me, i know i can find my contentedness in this.
and i know why i am doing this.  for my Lord.  to be an example of His Love, and i know i fail all the time.  but when i keep my mind focused on that.  i may feel a little discouraged because i know that i have so far to go, but i find encouragement in it.
i hope and prayer is that i continue to grow. that i will be a better child of Christ, a more kind and loving wife, and a more patient, consistent, and loving mother.
all things through Him.

Monday, January 26, 2009

and yet another long day

yup.  today was way too long.  and as i sit here on the couch, with a pillow behind my back desperate for better back support and a little more breathing room (it feels like baby henry is pulling my diaphragm down) i know that laundry needs to get hung and the kitchen still has messy dishes on the counter.
and i wish i could close my eyes and have it all be done.
it was a really long day.  but i think that my evening was wonderful.
maybe it was my attitude.  i really didn't want to face today, in fact i had been dreading it for several days.  i only work 3 days a week (and from home) and i only have this week and next week. but over the last few weeks my kids have been draining my patience and i just couldn't imagine having to have one more child in my house.
and it was pretty much as bad as i had dreaded.
starting at 8:30 am with meltdowns.  then playdough throwing at 9, hitting at 10, arguing at 11, non eating at 12, disgusting diapers before 1, more hitting before 1:30, nap coos before 2, a fussy baby around 3 and then a husband walking in the door to a messy house at 4.
any one want to tell me how i am going to handle 3 kids everyday that are all my own? cause i am starting to doubt it.
i think a lot of today had to do with my attitude.
and i need to put my heart into check for tomorrow.  and not just try, but do better.
even if i cannot control the actions of all the children around me, i can control my actions and my heart.
i just wish i wasn't so tired. 
sorry about the complaining.  its my own bed that i have made.  and soon it will be over.
today really was my attitude.  and i can make tomorrow and wednesday better.

i did accomplish stuff.
campbell kept asking to do "school books" and "flashcards" and we were able to do some this evening- but mason kept interfering.
and while the 2, two year olds in my care tried to play outside, i did work on organizing more of the craft catastrophe of my back room.

and like i said, my night did have a better feel to it.
sam walked in the door with a latte and a new maple sausage scone from starbucks ( it is nearly impossible to describe how amazingly delicious this scone was- i highly recommend it... it was literally like tasting baked pancakes and sausage and syrup but awesome)
and then the second two year old left.
and my children played happily and lovingly.
we had dinner.
and sam did my favorite thing in the world, moved furniture around (this had started last night)
and then we vegged together.
which resulted in simultaneous cravings for cheeseburgers at 8 pm (and not fast food... restaurant.. thank you "how i met your mother")
and enjoyed watching jack on 24.
so a pleasant end to a long day.
unfortunately i am not about to go jump under the covers and off to dream land.
those dirty dishes need to be dealt with.
and that laundry needs to get hung.
and i have projects on my ironing board that have been oh so neglected.


Saturday, January 24, 2009

i love Target

I don't think there is much better than getting to wander the aisles of Target... especially without your children. Ahh.
Since my belly has grown, my baby wearing days for Mason have temporarily ended. And I find myself so distracted when I am trying to leisurely shop around when I have a child in a cart I am trying to watch.
So wandering around Target without my children is truly a favorite past time and moving towards a wonderful luxury, especially when you get to do with a dear friend!

And, it is all topped off by finding wonderful deals!

3 pairs of shoes- for under $15 

cute little apples that i couldn't resist... i mean 5 bucks for a pair of slip ons that can get muddied up?

size 13 shoes for Campbell.  He's in 10 right now, but these were 5 bucks, and they'll work in a few years

and adorable little brown shoes for Mason, again not for awhile, but at 3.74- how could i pass them up?

one week down

From 10 becomes 9
9 weeks till due date
Whew. breathe. It will all be ok.
I thought it would be good to check in with a status update on my list of things to do.  Below is the original list... check below for comments on status, and any changes I have made.  I know... I am so very stimulating.  
**- means an item is done!
10 gifts to make
Piper Birthday Gift-ok, technically the gift part is made.  however, i don't feel like i can cross this off until the gift is wrapped and stuffed in her little gift bag... but progress was made.
Madeline Birthday Gift
Kris Birthday Gift- i did cut out 2 pieces
Jana Birthday Gift-cut out all the pieces... except interfacing... dang... wait! Never mind- i did cut out the interfacing- and- and- and- i have already ironed it on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my.  What progress.
Meaghen's Baby Gift
Jana's Baby Gift
Mother's Day gifts for friends- cut out enough for 4... have  like 13 i'm making... so slight progress.
Sam's Mom and My Mom's mother day's gifts
Gaia Birthday Gift
Vera Gift- cut out all the pieces- except interfacing.  this time its true. i'm using the same fabrics as Jana's and I think that is why I got confused.

10 organizational or random projects
clean out hall closet
clean out my side of the closet
clean out under our bed
**clean our living room dresser-basically done, the drawers are cleaned out and organized, however i feel like one drawer doesn't technically have a purpose, so it makes me feel like i can't say its all done- but 4 out of 5 drawers is good.  and the top little tray thingy is officially cleaned out- it just contains grabable items now: keys, chapstick, sunglasses, sanitizer (very good by the front door) and ipods.
resort my craft stuff-i kinda started campbell's art stuff- i moved all the art stuff (minus stickers) to the dinning room so he could access them more frequently.  but i have 2 huge totes in the back that need my attention.
put together car basket
put up a sewing shelf
finish names in the kids rooms-i am currently painting Mason's name (although to paint the letters in the color order i wanted her name currently spells out MOANS... hmmm) and I am about to (glue gun plugged in) reattach the part of Campbell's name that he pulled off.
put up pictures of Mason- i have begun transferring pictures onto Shutterfly (free unlimited picture storage) so i think i am headed down a good road.
clean out baby boy clothes

10 projects for me and my family
my diaper bag-pieces cut out, interfacing attached, sewing begun.
Mason's Easter Dress-borrowed the pattern i wanted to use, now need to figure out fabric.  i have a couple i could use... but do i want to? i would really like to be frugal and not run out and buy new fabric (even though there is some great clearance fabric i have my eye on) but... i don't know....
Easter pants for Campbell/Henry?-i do not think i will bother messing with making newborn clothes.  and sadly, i don't even think i will get Henry a new outfit- ooh but wait, my sister got a cute stripped one piece outfit- that will work (i was going to use it for his hospital outfit, but the blue clashes with the blue on the blanket i am making for him... sorry sis) and campbell... hmmmm... i need a pant pattern. i do have the fabric...
Wrap Skirt for me- Easter-i've decided to cross this one off.  i think.  maybe a walk downtown will change my mind.  but i'm not sure what measurements to use right now.  or fabric.  although an idea is peeking in the brain right now... darn it. maybe this is on.... i envisioned mason and i in matching fabrics.  cheesy i know.
Campbell drawstring bag
Henry baby blanket- crochet - started! and looking awesome!
diaper pouch
my window frame project- sam actually brought this up tonight! whoo hoo! is he reading this blog?
laptop case
kimono dress for Mason
And i am adding an 11th- i'd like to get a few fabrics for Campbell, and make him a quilt for his new big boy bed...

10 absolutely random things that need to be done
hang crates
pictures in back room
Mason on Healthy Families
make springtime decorations
do taxes :)
make Christmas list
find out about gas stove reimbursement
organize van
10 blog entries about my 10 weeks- 1 out of 10 done!
write my Grandmas
and adding an 11th- hang stuff in the kids room to fill up the blank white walls! now that mason is in the crib i can finally hang something above the crib!

i guess overall not bad progress. i guess i envisioned crossing more off.
however, i did do stuff this week, little parts toward the list.  and i still have 9 weeks to go.
and i am a procrastinator.  i work better under pressure.
or something like that.

Friday, January 23, 2009

simple things that make me smile

this may seem absolutely absurd to blog about, but i don't care, because every time i walk into my kitchen this absolutely puts a smile on my face (yes, my life is super exciting)
we have all been suffering from a bit of a nasty cold.  the kids- especially mason- have had it worst of all.  sam really likes to have all our medicine and such out and handy, instead of keeping it in the closet where its usually kept.  its an argument i don't bother with (i like things in their place, he likes the practicality of having things in arms length).
so our kitchen counter has become the housing zone of medicine for all of us (its where i have kept my prenatal vitamins this whole pregnancy and lately our hand sanitizer)
well 2 days ago i had the wonderful idea to gather up all the counter items and put them on this pretty plate i have had for 4 years (thank you jill!)
and i don't know why- but it just thrills me! its not like a basket, which is big and can often gather more stuff, but its just a pretty little plate.  and even though it probably takes up the same amount of room as the stuff randomly spread out on the counter- it looks and feels organized! (even if only to me)
i didn't do a before shot.... the counter is too messy as it is... but ahh... it does make me smile.

other random things that truly make me happy- coffee mugs. sam and i must have more coffee mugs collected than many other things.  but he knows that i have a serious weakness for them, and he does work around them all day long.  and every now and then he will bring me home a new mug as a wonderful surprise.  and today was a particularly long day, but....

sam came home with a great new mug (actually 2 new mugs).
yes, we have about 30 mugs unused in the garage... and 15 or so out in the kitchen.  i don't care. i love them.  i love to use a different mug for each of my beverages throughout the day (not very efficient, but it makes me smile)
it really is a pretty mug.  sam came home just before 4, i was in the kids room, and it was kids-2, momma-0... i was pooped.
so he closed the door, and played with them.  i took my new mug and made a latte, then came back into the kids room and we all hung out.  it was fantastic.
ooh- and yes, that is biscotti in the mug.  another special surprise from sam.
its new.  it caramel macchiato biscotti (side note- i just thought... hmm i don't know how to spell this, and then realized i had one sitting by my side) and it tastes so good.
i am a smiling girl.

Monday, January 19, 2009

thoughts before i stumble into bed

i have been duitifully keeping up with my commitment to read the Bible this year.  i am on track.  and some days i am ahead.  in a few days my new copy of the NLT one year Bible should arrive. my plan is to read that in the morning (for a different translation) and then my NKJ verison in the evening.  we shall see!  i still need to pick out an individual Bible Study to do on my own.  for additional growth and knowledge.
what has been floating around my mind is this: how do we teach our children why certain things were done the way they were done in the Old Testament?  specifically? men and their multiple wives.  what will my kids say when we study this?  what will i say to them?
more importantly, after rereading Genesis (started Exodus today) how do i explain to my children the crazy baby making battle that seemed to take women by storm? it wasn't just making babies to populate the earth.  look at rachel and leah.  it was a competition.  and when they couldn't make babies, it was who's servant girl could make babies.
i completely believe in God's plan, and His purpose, even if i don't understand it in my own feeble little brain.
but how do i explain this to the most innocent of little minds? 
ahhh.  no answers will come after midnight.  hopefully time will give me more perspective and i the Lord will give me the wisdom when i need it.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

An Interesting New Find

I do the majority of my grocery shopping in Roseville.  I would say 99% of our shopping down there.  Eventually Auburn will have a Trader Joe's and a Costco, and between our little family growing from 4 to 5, we will probably be buying most of our groceries in bulk.Yesterday I had a wonderful outing to Roseville.  Stopping in groceries stores is much more fun when you aren't pulling children out of carseats, and when your husband isn't trying to rush through the process.  My friend Kris and I had a wonderful little trip without our kids and husbands yesterday.  And it was while we were out alone that we had the time to visit a couple
 of stores that we normally wouldn't have gone into.
Which is what I am blogging about (after a horridly long preface to it).
There is this little store next to Trader Joe's called Susie's Deals.  I have seen it every time I have gone into Trader Joes's but have never had the time or the desire to go in.
Part of my agenda for going to Roseville was to search for elastic band knit skirts.  Not knit, like yarn, but the knit fabric.  Something comfy to wear.
So- seeing some of the clothes through the window at Susie's Deals kinda reminded me of the type of clothes that may be mainly elastic... if that's a proper definition.
In we went.
And what an interesting find it was.
Basically I would describe Susie's Deals as a warehouse full of clothes that have gone on
 clearance at other stores (JcPennys, Macys, Target, Gap, Express),  its mostly fairly youthful items- but tons various hoodies and things that would be great for layering, and lounging! Plus there were children's clothes there as well.
its all 5.99
but  not always-
sometimes the items are 2 for 5.99
And- there is clearance!
It was a very great find.
Because i recognized clothes that I had seen in Target (my favorite place to shop for clothes)
These were my two finds:

there is a chance that these bedazzled gems may fall off, but if they start, I will probably pull them all off then try my hand at some funky embroidery.
Now this was actually a Liz Lange Maternity Skirt! And it was 4 dollars! However, I think the reason these skirts were there was due to the fact that they were all sized incorrectly. This is a small and it is kinda big- wide that is, so there is the danger that if my sweet little girl tries to use it to pull herself up, it may come off of momma.  But I will try and wash it to shrink it, and if not consult my sewing guru to see how I can make it smaller.
 i mean for 4 dollars- how could i resist this?

My total was just under 11 dollars.  Not bad.  I do usually like a bit better deal, but I really loved the purple sweatshirt, and for 4 bucks the skirt was just great!  I'll have to peek my head in there again.

Friday, January 16, 2009

quick little note

my Shutterfly calendar came today.  It is so wonderful! My previous post about how I don't know how companies back money when they do so many free giveaways.  I now know.  You do one, and you see how amazing it is, and you want to make more.
the quality is fantastic, the pictures turned out great. and i love that it cost us less than 7 bucks.  
I can't wait to do my free 8 x8 book.
And i am thinking that I will do a collection of 2008 pictures of the kiddos.
Which will make me upload so many pictures... it will take awhile.
don't miss out- January 28th (i think)

10 Things for 10 weeks

Starting tomorrow, I am officially 10 weeks away from my due date. 
10 weeks.
70 days.
He's coming.
Technically could be 12 weeks.
But I will be optimistic that it could be 10 weeks.
And have a few back up projects for the last 2 weeks.
So I have developed a crazy full list of things that I want to see myself do over the next 10 weeks. A check down for fun, or something like that.
Basically something to keep my mind on, so I don't get crazy waiting for the end to come.
So here it is, broken down into categories.  As much as I can, I will blog about what has been accomplished- maybe even with pictures!

10 weeks till due date

10 gifts to make
Piper Birthday Gift
Madeline Birthday Gift
Kris Birthday Gift
Jana Birthday Gift
Meaghen's Baby Gift
Jana's Baby Gift
Mother's Day gifts for friends
Sam's Mom and My Mom's mother day's gifts
Gaia Birthday Gift
Vera Gift

10 organizational or random projects
clean out hall closet
clean out my side of the closet
clean out under our bed
clean our living room dresser
resort my craft stuff
put together car basket
put up a sewing shelf
finish names in the kids rooms
put up pictures of Mason
clean out baby boy clothes

10 projects for me and my family
my diaper bag
Mason's Easter Dress
Easter pants for Campbell/Henry?
Wrap Skirt for me- Easter
Campbell drawstring bag
Henry baby blanket- crochet bag
diaper pouch
my window frame project
laptop case
kimono dress for Mason

10 absolutely random things that need to be done
hang crates
pictures in back room
Mason on Healthy Families
make springtime decorations
do taxes :)
make Christmas list
find out about gas stove reimbursement
organize van
10 blog entries about my 10 weeks
write my Grandmas

Thursday, January 15, 2009


I WON!  
I can't believe it! Thank you, thank you Jetty and Ella's Mama! This is just amazing.  I will wear my necklace with lots of happiness, and my children will enjoy having something else to try and grab :)
Thank you, thank you, thank you!

something i really want to do

Ahhh. A charm quilt.

Every so often I peek over at this blog: Sycamore Stirrings.  You know, the by product of blog surfing.  But it is one that I have actually been able to get back too! 
She blogged about doing a charm quilt, but having everyone send 10 scraps of fabric to other people all over the blogging community.  Not sure if I really have the time to do that.  But I do like that she is doing a series of posts just about projects to do with your scraps of fabric.  I have a lot of scraps.  And would really like to do this charm quilt project but so far she has several woman doing the scrap exchange, and I don't think I have the time to follow along with a time table.
But- when i do eventually make a quilt for my room (a project for me.. how wonderful) then I think this may be a nice and easy way to start quilting.

Another Great Offer!

free 8 x8 photo book

Its not really even an offer, but another great freebie from Shutterfly.  I wonder how they make any money? Does it only cost them pennies to ship something and then do they make money off of the shipping charges??
I don't know and I don't care- I love free stuff!  I would say that I would save this wonderful offer for someones gift of something... but I don't have anyone coming up who would really benefit- and I kinda want one for myself.
So here's the info:

go to
Make yourself an 8 by 8 photo book that is valued at $29.99
when you are finished, enter the code: MYFREEBOOK into your shopping cart.
Then you are all set.
I think its like 6 dollars shipping.
But memories.
You can't lose the memories (or what does Mr. Lunt say??? I can hear him in my head)

Ooh- and you don't always have to do pics of kids or something...
I've made a book before for Sam of all the pictures from our trip to Washington DC
or you can write a book, and use pretty pictures you have taken to illustrate it- which i have done for both Piper and my family.
Just ideas.
Free stuff.

forgot to mention- this offer ends January 28th!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

a pretty necklace giveaway

Mel, over at:  Jetty and Ella's Mamma makes some lovely necklaces, and she's doing a giveaway for one... and its always fun to have a new piece of necklace.  Who knows? Maybe I will win??? I have a friend who has won fun stuff doing these thing!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

still sleepy

ya, another long day.  so long that i spent most of it thinking that today was wednesday.  part of that problem may have been in last night- laying out my clothes for what i would be doing on 'wednesday'. this problem has now led me to thinking that tomorrow is thursday.
and its not.  
oh well.
i finished the apron! hopefully i will remember to take pictures before it is given to its recipient.
and i've gotten a little better at the crazy list making.
i've decided to narrow it done into a few categories, and 10 tasks for all:
10 gifts to make
10 projects for me/my family to make
10 things that need to be organized
10 random things that must get done.
why 10? because i am do in 10 weeks! and i figure that this way i will be able to do 1 thing per category for the next 10 weeks.
i've started the 10 for each category, but haven't finished it yet, perhaps when i do i will post it for both accountability and for the ability to announce my success!
the biggest thing on my mind are my sewing projects.  i just got so behind for christmas, and i never want that to happen again. and there are just so many birthdays and other dates that need gifts to be given, i want to stay on top of all it. cause i am worried of falling so far behind.
but perhaps that is just the growing fear of how complicated life may get in the next few weeks with the arrival of the new one.
ok, no more stressing for tonight.
some successes to post about:
- baby girl clothes organized! i am happy and ready to pass on some of the 0-12 months clothes to those in need.
- boy clothes organized! that took 2 days to accomplish, and i still am going to get rid of about 1/2 of my 0-6 month boy clothes because i just don't need all of it.

other than organizing baby clothes, i've been book hunting all over the internet.  collecting books for the kids home-schooling. i'm having a blast. but i am such a bargain hunter that it takes a little while to figure out what will cost the least, plus shipping charges... and then i end up changing my mind half way around the search.

so much to do. and i am really just rambling around about nothing super important. just the chaos that is currently filling my brain.

Monday, January 12, 2009

will i ever not feel tired?

lately i have been so tired.  of course it is 10:21 and i am perched at the computer as opposed to nestled in my comfy bed.  i guess i have just been feeling mentally bogged down, and the only time i have to just unwind is at night.  so i want to stay up, to be productive, or alone, or just not with the children.  don't get me wrong- i love my kids.  campbell just wants to be read to all day long, or played games with, or something. and mason is a handful.
but i think:
1) why am i a stay at home mom if it isn't to spend time with them?
2) they will only be this little for such a short time.

so i am exhausted.  
but its more than that.
my brain is just on overload.
i can't seem to sort out the priorities.
all i want to do is be done with all the "stuff" that needs to be done.
for the whole year.
not the month.
the year.
everything in my brain just feels cluttered.
and no matter how many lists i continue to make, i just cannot get everything straightened out.
and the countdown is on.
10 1/2 weeks till henry could arrive.
and then everything will change, temporarily.
scheduling, my free time (ha, what free time?)
getting back on track with what i eat, and trying to find time for exercising.
then home-schooling. campbell will be 3 soon, and he's ready for more structure now.
all these things that plague my brain everyday, and then the millions i am leaving out.
i really just want a list to be focused.
but i'm not.
maybe that's ok.
maybe i should just look at the apron on my ironing board, and sew the strings, and sew it together.
brilliant idea.
well, until i have a list, i will finish the projects i see out, continue to read to my kids, clean my house, and feel the pressure of a time clock that is slowly clicking away.
and try to find some sleep and rest.

Friday, January 9, 2009

plastic bag solution

Yesterday our new washer and dryer arrived! Whoo Hoo! There will be a post about that later.  It is the midnight hour, I am exhausted... but still awake.  Ok, not really exhausted.  I think I would be asleep, but instead I wanted to quickly blog about my kids and then blog about what I made tonight!
It ties in with the washer and dryer- because during the back room renovation, I came across
 way too many plastic bags.  Now we do use reusable bags for our groceries (in the spirit of being good stewards of the Earth God has given us) but I do need some plastic bags for bathroom garbage, diapers.. etc.
This is what I had sitting around in our backroom:
Not exactly a pretty sight to see.
So I did some Googling, and I found this wonderful tutorial.
So I attacked my fabric stash... all the while, wondering why I am so stinkin stingy when it comes to using fabric.  I think I literally would have sewn together teeny tiny scraps just to save a bigger piece for a project to be thought of who knows when.
I made this:
and this is what it looks like fully stuffed, and hanging in our back room:
I am quite pleased with myself.  This was so super easy.  And I had everything I needed, and it didn't take long at all.  The elastic at the bottom holds the bags in until you reach in and pull them out one at a time.
Ok, i am tired.  
When the backroom is finished, I will post some lovely before and after pictures- because I am already pretty happy with the way things are shaping up back there.
Especially because my dry rack fits back there- fully up, with clothes on it! No more leaving it up for all hours in the kitchen and moving it from side to side as I navigate around the kitchen.
To bed I go.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Free Calendar

Right now, Shutterfly is giving away a free 12 month calendar for 2009.  If you don't have a shutterfly account, sign up- its free as well.  Also (for the person I know needs this) they have unlimited picture storage online (also free)
Here's the link: Shutterfly
and this is the coupon code you will need for the free calendar: CALENDAR12
Just enter that code in your shopping cart when you finish your calendar.  You'll pay for the shipping- but you'll have a great calendar to enjoy for the year!
Ooh- this offer is for a 19.99 calendar- so make sure when you go to create one, you select one that is valued at the much.  this way you won't run into problems at the end!
Hope you take advantage of this... the offer ends January 12th!  Hope everyone can remember that special date.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

not my greatest moments

today wasn't a great day.  and as the day slowly comes to end here i have to say that i am thrilled. 
i just wasn't a very good mom.  not to either of my kids.
i know i said "no" more than was necessary.  and i know that i didn't have patience.  3 straight days of 3 little kids (mine and the one i watch). not one of them in particular was especially bad, just combine the occasional annoyances of 1 child into 3 and it starts to become a volcano.  separate they are great, together it was a nightmare.
but was it?
or was i just being selfish?
there wasn't anything i needed to do today. just be a mom. and a caretaker (oh and i forget for 2 hours i did have another child here as well)
but i can handle this.  i know i can.
so why did i have to lose so much patience?
why did i say no so many times, when i should have just smiled.
why did i overreact at the littlest things a child does?
and why now, that my children are sleeping soundly do i feel horridly guilty.
i had snapped so hard at campbell.  he had gotten into his flash cards again.  am i helping him not sin- when i have them in a place that he now can reach? he's curious.  he wants to see the cards. all i saw was the mess of cards on the floor.  i ordered him out of his room and to the table for lunch.  and as he's fighting back tears as i set his plate down, i turn to leave and i hear the quietest little "thank you".
well just break my heart.
he loves me in spite of all of my mess-ups- why can't i do the same to him?
don't get me wrong, i love him.  but did i have the patience for him? no.
and love is patient.
and my 2 1/2 year old still new enough and had enough tender, innocent love for his mama to say "thank you" even after i had just broken his spirit a little.
i am thrilled today is over.
because i have 2 more stories from today that feel as equally heart-wrenching and guilt-filled.
but today is over.
and tomorrow morning i will wake up to 2 beautiful kids, standing in their cribs, waiting for me to love them, play with them, feed them, read to them, care for them, laugh and sing with them:
and be patient with them.
i have a do over.
i can do it.
because nothing matters more than them.
except the example i am setting.  teaching them about the Lord and how much He loves them is my first priority.  and i have to keep my eyes focused on that.
that is not an excuse for them to be naughty, because they will be.  they will sin, they will need me to say no.
but first they need me to be slow to anger.

james 1: 19
understand this my dear brothers and sisters: you must all be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to get angry. (nlt)

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

the empty vase

my first posted project! Not the first thing I have done.... but my first one to post for all to see!

~So after a solid 8 weeks of sewing gifts for all those I love, and the fact that I still currently have a sewing project on my ironing board that is for someone else, I decided that I needed to make myself something.

Here we go.

All I did was find inspiration (and instruction) from this wonderful little tutorial: Easy Fabric Vase Covers via Sew Mama Sew's Handmade Holidays!

Before: Just an empty jar... saved from the garbage to be used for a later purpose.

Find a wonderful fabric and:


Please don't be surprised if this idea shows up as a gift....

Monday, January 5, 2009

the first of many vents

Yesterday was just rotten.  Maybe that's a bit to bold of a statement.  Because the entire day in hole wasn't rotten, it had some better parts to it, and some of the rotten part actually happened at 1:30 am, technically then today.
But still... rotten parts, and just healthy venting...
So it begins:
I had to do the morning Sunday routine by myself, which means getting me and my 2 little kids dressed for church and out the door, before kids start showing up for the Sunday School class I teach (and I say before, because on this Sunday I did fail to be there on time, and I had kids and parents waiting in my classroom)
Before leaving for work Sam had instructed me to start the van about 20 minutes before I wanted to leave, and to go easy on the amount of DeIcer that we need to get doors open.  He leaves.
Well, when I went to go start the van, I couldn't open the door to get in the van.  So- DeIcer... oh yeah, it might be nice if Sam actually left DeIcer in the can, instead of using it all on his car.
So, after I threw the empty DeIcer at the house, said some un Jesus like words in my brain, and pulled and pulled- the van door opened.  But now I was late, and still had to wait for the windows to semi unfreeze.
Bad morning.
But not a bad afternoon.  I got a lot of cleaning done.  Cleaned my bathroom (hadn't been done in almost a month... yup December 6th was the last time I really deep cleaned it) and vacuumed, and I finally washed my kitchen floor (that has been a neglected task for so long I cannot even remember).  And it was going to be a fun evening, with football, Franks Pizza, and friends coming over!
So, around 5 ish, Sam goes to get the pizza. And I'm making scrambled eggs for the kids (its so unfair to be a child and watch your parents eat the best pizza in the world).  Well Campbell has recently started this wonderful habit of moving our kitchen stool around all over the kitchen.  He gets snacks down (unapproved), goes to sink (wants to play in the water) and leaves the stool all over the place for Mommy to narrowly miss tripping over.
So, Campbell has moved his stool (his stool, ha ) to watch me scramble the eggs.  We're talking, laughing, I go to move the eggs onto his plate, turn my back- and the next thing I know he's screaming and holding his hand back. Yup. He had put his little fingers on the burner.
Horrid mother. I know.  How could I have let him stand basically unattended next to the stove? I'm still asking myself that.
I grab him, and the stool and we stand with his hand under cold water for several minutes.  He immediately has little blisters on his fingers, but he's calmed down.
Its probably a good idea to mention that these 2 little fingers, just happen  to be the exact 2 little fingers that he sucks... for comforting... for bedtime... for anything.
Well, our friends arrive, the night is progressing.  And Campbell just starts screaming.  His poor little fingers.  That's the worst thing about burns, they just keep burning.  
I wanted to put some burn cream on them, but this child has a meltdown, behaving like he is being tortured if you even attempt to band aid any wound he has.  So we resisted.  Instead we sat him in front of Veggie Tales, and had him keep his finger in a cup of water.
He did pretty good.  But was understandably upset.
I'm leaving out another important fact.  My son usually takes a 3-4 hour nap a day.  He did not today.  So around 6:30 he's besides himself.
We get him ready for bed, and Sam had to stand by the crib trying anything to get him to comforted enough to fall asleep (because remember- he sucks the fingers he's burned)
It was torture.
So... once Campbell fell asleep we decided it would be better to have Mason sleep in our room.  That way Campbell wouldn't wake her up/ she wouldn't wake him up.
Great idea.
Mason wakes up around 1:30 am.
And doesn't go back down.
First problem- I hadn't nursed her before we originally put her down.  I'm attempting to wean her (that attempt is now over)
Second problem- we sleep with our door open, so when she woke up and saw it open she figured someone was coming to get her.
Third problem- she realized I was in the room.
So, I got her up, rocked her, and tried to get her to sleep in bed with me.
She wanted to sit up, pull my hair, laugh, try and stand.
So I moved her to the pack n play and waited in the living room for her to stop screaming.
Didn't wait long enough, and when I opened the door she started screaming again.
Back to the couch.
After about 10 minutes, I figured she was asleep.  I was able to sneak back into my bed.  Only to have her start screaming about 15 minutes later.
By 3 am, her screams hadn't stopped.
So, on Sam's advice, I nursed her.  And she nursed.
Then Sam moved her pack n play back to her and Campbell's room.
And so I laid her down.
Not a peep.
She sure does love her little brother.
To all of my friends who have children who don't sleep well at night (and to those friends who don't rely on coffee as a energy fuel) I have great sympathy for you.  How awful.  In Mason's short year of life, we haven't had this kinda night in 7 months.  
I suppose this is just practice for when little Henry is born.  3 months until my sleep is interrupted again.  

Mason and I after our sleep deprived night...

Friday, January 2, 2009

2009 Goals... Kinda

I found these questions on a blog simple mom I like to wander too...

So I thought I would try and answer some of these for myself.

Vision Questions for 2009

1.  What skill do you most want to learn this year? 

yikes... skill? Either make furniture (I have a box project kinda started with my father in law) or learn how to do a button hole on my sewing machine- no idea how to do this!

2.  What is one skill you already have that you’d like to improve this year?

Sewing! I would love to improve my sewing.

3.  Name three books you most definitely want to read in 2009.


1) The Bible- I am shamed to admit I haven't read the entire thing, don't get me wrong, I have read a lot of it, but I want to read it- in one year, and how it was historically written. I'm following this map for reading it.

2) Shepherding a Child's Heart.  I've had it forever, and have not read it yet.

3) The Historian. I started it um almost 2 years ago, my husband-Sam- read it faster than any book I have ever seen him read, and I feel bad that I haven't finished it.

4) I know it said 3- but I have a huge pile of books under my bed that have been lent to me, and I would like to slowly start working through them.

4.  In what specific area do you most want to encourage your spouse?  What are some ways you can do this?

I want to encourage him to finish school.  I can help him when he needs help with a problem, renew his faith that he can finish the school, and I can make sure to give him adequate quiet time to work on his school.

5.  Think of one of your major life goals.  What will you do this year to make you one step closer to reaching that goal?

One major life goal?  Maybe I should start by having a major life goal.  

6.  Name your kids’ biggest strengths.  What are some ways you can specifically nourish those strengths?

Campbell's biggest strength? He has a wonderful imagination and he loves to play by himself.  With a 3rd baby coming in a few months I can try to make sure Campbell has special spaces in our little home where he can play by himself.

Campbell gets a lot of joy by seeing others happy.  Don't get me wrong, he can be very a very selfish 2 1/2 year old, but he really loves to make others happy.  When I see him doing acts of kindness and love towards others I can encourage him and work with him together on acts of service towards others.

7.  Name your kids’ most prominent weakness.   What are some ways you can encourage their ability to overcome it?

Being a 2 year old who doesn't always want to share! Very typical for this age. But I can try and encourage him to share more.

8.  What is one of your strengths?  Think of some specific ways you can exercise it this year.

I've been told that one of my spiritual gifts is encouragement.  I would love to try and encourage more of the women who bless my life this year.  And encourage my family.  I want to try and organize more events for the young wives that I know.  And I would like to offer up baby-sitting for my young mom friends who need a break.

9.  What is one of your weaknesses?  Brainstorm some ideas on how you can overcome this deficiency.

I have a lot of weaknesses. I worry a lot. Especially about money.  Really needless worry because I have yet to see the Lord bless me and my family.  So I would really like to pray more when I do our family budget. And see us be smarter with the money we are borrowing from God.

Also, I am not very sympathetic when my spouse is sick. He isn't sick all the time, but when he is I get really annoyed.  Not a beautiful trait of a serving wife. So I hope to not be annoyed, but serve him when he is sick and be a kind loving wife.  He is currently starting the new year sick... I am doing a pretty good job not being annoyed- at least not being annoyed towards him.

10.  Think of an important relationship aside from your spouse and children.  How will you nurture that relationship this year?

My sister.  I will try and make sure that I can keep our long distance relationship going. And pray for her. She is trying to get pregnant.  It has been a long and painful journey for her.  She and I have a rocky relationship in the past, but it is constantly growing stronger. I would like to be more of an encouragement to her.  You can read about her and her path towards pregnancy here.

11.  Name a few ways your physical health could be improved.

Well, I am pregnant.  I want to start exercising semi-daily, to prepare myself for jumping back into daily exercise. I love to exercise- it is challenging to find time with 2 kids... and soon to be 3!

12.  Name a few ways your family’s financial health could be improved.

Less money spent on last minute running to the grocery store- really staying to our meal plan, and not eating out recklessly, but instead eating out when it is planned.

13.  In what way do you want to draw closer to God?

So many different ways.  Praying more.  Specifically doing a prayer journal this year. And reading through the Bible in one year.  Additionally I would like to start a personal Bible Study- and finish it!

14.  What is one area of home management that frustrates you?  Think of some specific ways you could improve your attitude about it.

CLUTTER! I really really (cannot emphasize enough) want a perfectly organized house. I know that is a long way away... what with a growing family, a spouse who struggles to put things away after he pulls them out, and 3 stages of toys going on- plus I have a weakness for buying stupid things that we don't need.  But I would love to see our house become more organized- and stay organized.

15.  Have you ever created a family mission statement with your spouse?  If so, why not do one for this year?

Hmmm.  Not a bad idea. Might be a good way to get us doing something new together!

16.  Name one specific thing you could do with your spouse this year that will deepen your intimacy.

One specific thing- Turn the TV off every night BEFORE we pass out on the couch! I think that would be a huge step towards it!  Ooh- and the Computer... I guess turning off the screens we sit in front of and turn towards each other.

17.  What is something that is continually undone in your life?  What will you do to fully complete it this year?

Continually undone. Wow.  I really feel like a lot of things get started and never finished.  But something small that I can write down (cause there are so many major thing), I have thing wonderful glass window that my friend Serena found for me awhile (a long while) ago, I really want to sand it down, put pretty paper behind it and use it for a wall picture frame.

18.  In what ways will you be involved with your local community?

I am going to connect with the Director of Women's Ministry at my church and figure out ways to get us young married women - especially us with kids- doing more things together in fellowship.

19.  What is one thing you’d like to accomplish by your birthday this year?

Ha Ha- my birthday is in December, so I have a long time to accomplish it!  This may sound vain, but that will about 8 months after baby Henry comes, I would really like to have reached my goal weight at Weight Watchers by then.

20.  Think of three words you’d like to describe your 2009.

Drama Free, Organized, Togetherness