Saturday, February 28, 2009

my finished projects from week 5

above is the little drawstring bag that i will be putting henry's clothes in for the hospital.  after his arrival, it will be used in my diaper bag to put an extra set of clothes for him.  it isn't straight at all, and i am really just learning to embroider, but i love it.

this is a little bib from Amy Butler's Little Stitches book, it is part of Meaghen's baby gift.

and this is the little kimono that i made for Mason.  this project was wonderful- it was so great and simple to make, and i am so thrilled that it was a tutorial i found here.

4 weeks! 4 weeks!

yeeks! we are getting down to the wire.  a friend at my shower today said she thinks it will be 5 weeks... of course, i would love it to be 2.  however 5 seems like a more reasonable estimation.  and it is probably for the best- i am NOT making the progress on my sewing projects that i wish i were.
however, a few things here have changed.  my brother-in-law was diagnosed with cancer in august.  we were all told it was something called germ-cell cancer.  he did several rounds of chemo, and then just had major surgery.  today we were told that the cancer wasn't germ-cell cancer, but another type of cancer.  with a very discouraging prognosis.  before we were told the surgery was going to be truly effective at removing all of his tumors, and then maybe a little more chemo, and then cancer free.
now we find out that this new cancer has a 20% success rate.
where am i going with all of this?
stem cells.
stem cell research is huge and making wide strides in helping to treat and cure certain types of cancer.  
we have the option of banking the blood in henry's cord, and the stem cells in that could potentially help in the treatment of my bro in law's cancer.  
after doing some research we found that his type of cancer was on the list of treated by stem cells.
its crazy.
9 months ago i was utterly shocked to find myself pregnant again.  unplanned. so soon after mason.
and then a few weeks later we found out that levi (my brother in law) had cancer.
and now to find out just weeks before henry's arrival, that we may need his cord.
i am just amazed at the Lord's plan.  i mean, i don't know if henry's cord will save levi's life.
but it could.
and the unplanned, surprise of a baby, may have been made with a very specific purpose in mind.
Our Lord is amazing.

so what does this have to do with 4 weeks?
well, i really do want to get my list done.  and i know that the baby will come when he is ready.
however- our doctor on call has never been really ready.
i have been very resistant on induction for this pregnancy.  i was induced with campbell and mason, and i really wanted to go into labor on my own this time.
but with how fast my deliveries have gone, i wonder if that's the smartest thing.  with the possibility of there being a need for the cord blood, i don't know if i can risk whether or not the doctor will show up to bank it.
but i don't know.  i have a few questions for my team of ladies where i get my maternity care.

so 4 weeks to go.  and lots still to do.
recap from last week:

week 5
write my Grandma's ** Done and mailed! Whoo hoo!
finish Kris's birthday gift- this is halfway done.  the main part of the gift is completed, however i have a small little item to make to go along with it, and that fabric is cute and ready to start the sewing process.
make Meaghen's baby gift- well i kinda have a ton of things that i am making for her.  2 projects are done.  and i have, gulp, 4 more i was going to do.  yikes.  i might pick just 2 and do 2 more things.
finish Mason's little Kimono dress ** yea! i did this! i did it a little wrong, but i am really happy with how it turned out, and i know what i need to do to make it right for next time.
work on embroidery-** i have been doing this, and loving it.
finish up what's going on for Campbell's party- i'm a terrible mom.  i don't know what or when i am doing this.  well, i think i know what.  but i don't know when.  
make Henry's booties - i didn't even start this.
start Henry's hospital bag- ** but i did finish this!
register at the hospital- i was going to do this- but i have an appointment next week, and i decided, why take an extra trip up to the hospital, if i need to be there anyway?
** and from last week:
call healthy families- nope
hang other item- double nope

ok, so i really need to get more on the ball for this week.  i do think i bit off a lot on the list for last week.  so i will try and be a little more realistic this week.

week 4
put up pictures
finish picture window with frames
make Campbell's backpack
finish Henry's hospital bag ** DONE!
start Jana's baby gift
follow up with healthy families
finish pictures in kids room
do top shelf frames
added from last week:
finish Meaghen's baby gift
finish Kris's birthday gift
Henry's booties
hang other item
register at hospital
plan my big boys birthday party!

Friday, February 27, 2009


tomorrow morning is my third (and most likely last) baby shower.  i am getting pretty excited.  
there really is nothing else to say.  i am excited, and looking forward to getting to spend the morning with my friends and food and fun.  whoo hoo.

a wonderful day for new fabrics

i often time see women posting about their fabric stashes and having weekly posts about new fabric.  how i am full of jealousy and want to be able to have a weekly post of new fabric.  Sam would probably say with the amount of fabric i tend to buy, i could.  
but i have incredibly self-control (only for fabric) because i will wait and buy only clearance or marked down fabric.
however after seeing the new Robert Kaufman today.... my self-control may be sitting on the shelf ** i want the apples (oh the apples) and the chicks (on green fabric, not the yellow) and those trees...
the last few days have been particularly challenging with the kids.  ok, they have sucked.  mason basically cries from 4-6 every day.  and campbell is an extension of my shadow.  but i love them, and i am committed to them.
and then mason refuses to take any nap.  and campbell doesn't want to play by himself.  and i realize that, hey the kids and i left sunday for an 1 1/2 hours, and that's been it for me, no alone time, not getting out of the house at all.
so when Sam came home at 11:30 today (am) he generously kicked me out of the house.  i finished my latte (for stamina- as i was curled up under a blanket watching sesame street when he got home) and left!
and didn't return till after 2.
it was marvelous!
i bought fabric.
extra marvelous.
and i broke down (not really breaking down, i have wanted this for awhile, and finally stopped contemplating and bought it!) and bought Anna Maria Horner's book Seams to Me (the sew mama sew blog links it a cheaper price than what i got it for... however i do have it in my hands tonight!)
getting out of the house gave me a wonderful burst of energy (which is now completely gone) but it was great.  and usually when making multiple stops, i give up after the first and go home.  and today i didn't!
ahh.  so below are my new fabrics.
drool away.  i am.

yes, this IS more moda fabric.  i cannot resist it.  i've got pillow projects in mind.

i found these little kitties at ben franklin today.  i love them.  i am such a cat person.  the pink ones i am going to use in a little quilt (also for meaghen's baby)

the top stars/flowers fabric will also appear in meaghen's baby quilt.

and i love this cowboy fabric! i got a yard of it... its going to be incorporated into jana's baby boy gift... would a little boy kimono top be to girly?  with dark blue bias trim... and maybe blue bottoms?  hmmm...

and then a little bit of flannel to make Campbell a tiny drawstring bag to keep his fire trucks in.

aw fabric.

some completed projects

i have been getting some things done.  unfortunately i have been adding more to my list. well not unfortunately, i just keep remembering things that i need to be doing.
but i have gotten some things done!

above is my beginning attempts at embroidery.. I love doing embroidery! i wish i was a little (okay a LOT) better, but I am absolutely enjoying taking the time to learn.  I love LollyChops for her great free patterns and her fun exciting blog! Check her out- she's inspiring me!
These two little designs above are for part of the bag I am making for Henry's clothes for the hospital (really just an excuse to start embroidery). I wrote his name out by hand, and sketched the lion from a coloring book... here we have the ever exciting burp cloths! well, i think they are ever exciting.  these 3 are part of the baby gift i am making for my friend meaghen. she is due just days before me (she gets to have her baby first, she's got have a c-section) i love the top stitching that i did on these, although i knew i was running out of the purple thread, so i simply did purple in the middle of one burp cloth, and then did white the rest of the way- it looks a little different, but i like it.

these are just some shots of the blanket I made for Henry.  now i have made each one of the kids a crocheted blanket to come home from the hospital in.  this blanket doesn't become their "night night" but instead i put it away for them to have when they are older.

and this? what's this? a sneak peak of a project that i am working on... hee hee

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

oh my

my wednesday why:

why oh why do women choose to degrade their bodies? 
Sam and i were watching a tivo'd episode of a late night talk show (this particular show we only tivo for the sometime interesting musical artist) and this absolutely horrid performer (wait i don't know if that's a good word to use) comes on.
so this horrid guy is a rapping, and there are 2 girls just dancing in the background.  not singing, just a dancing.
oh that's right, until the chorus of this rapping comes on, and one of the girls comes out, and another rapper pulls off her clothes to reveal a "polka dot bikini" in correlation with the songs lyrics.
and then, yup she just goes to the back of the stage and keeps dancing.
and then during the next round of the chorus, the next girl comes up, and yup she's stripped down as well.
why do women think that dancing around to a rap song, on national television, is ok?
and why do i have to raise my daughter in a culture that embraces this?
because its a fallen world.
but i can teach my daughter to respect her body and her heart (and i think she will have a bit of help with her dad and her bookend brothers).
it is my constant prayer that i can raise a well rounded daughter who loves the Lord and will know that her body doesn't need to be used to attract attention.
it won't be easy.
but i am committed.  

Monday, February 23, 2009

ode to my projects

oh my dear list of projects, i know you need to be done
however, my back pain is quite less than fun.
standing and pressing fabric is my great desire,
but i can't seem to be able to light a fire
under my feet which are perched up for a bit
however, i do have a child who will throw a fit
if he stays in the bath a minute longer,
which means my desire for projects will grow ever fonder.
i do believe that one day the time will come
that all of my projects will be done.
but for tonight, all i can do is look back and sigh,
and my beautiful sewing machine turned off for the nigh,
maybe later tonight, or perhaps tomorrow i'll find
the energy in my body that matches my mind.

following up

I am now all so happy to recommend to the world (or in this case the few people who stumble across this blog, although I will be madly spreading the word to any one I see).
Sure, the shipping is a little expensive- I think for 100 pictures my total for everything was just at 7.28 or something close to that (to lazy to check for sure)
Anyhoo.. i love the quality of the pictures.  My camera may help with that, but the prints turned out fantastic- no complaints at all!
So, as I was saying, the shipping may be a little steep- but say you find a buddy to share prints with (easy enough because you can each upload your pics from your own homes) and then split the shipping- that's getting 50 some pics for just about 3 bucks.
Why do I think this is so great? Because they have endless free things for you to create, and it seems your are constantly getting free pictures to order.  
For instance- before Saturday, I have 50 free 5 x 7's to order, I'm going to do some for gifts, some for my window art, and I hopping my photo buddy (you know who you are) will upload some... might want to give her my code...
Try it- its great!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Agh! 5 weeks!

5 weeks left.  That's one hand.  That's saying- baby's coming next month.  On a sad (not really sad, but I think its sad) its also 5 weeks until my baby turns 3.  How can that be? Oh whoa is me.... I did not see... this coming.
- that was my lame attempt for some sort of poem-
but seriously, its sad.  Sam's been calling him 3 for the last few weeks- and I hate it.  He is  not 3.. not at all... not until April 1.  Sure, people give me strange looks when I say he's 2 (um, cause he's also taller than some 3 year olds) but I don't care.
Back to my epic to do list.
Here's what was on the agenda for last week:
week 6:
brainstorm Campbell's birthday party, decide when i'm going to do it, and start invitations 
** well, it's been on my mind, but i haven't even narrowed down a day.  the problem is that about 4 little kids i know have birthday's in March, and i don't want to upstage them, or plan a party on their day- and all i really want to do is just lunch and cupcakes with friends- that's it.  but of course, i want to do decorations... and maybe plan one game or something...
follow up with healthy families for Mason
** well, i followed up with medi-cal, and apparently as of next week she should be "unblocked" (whatever that means) and eligible for healthy families.  so i will call healthy families next week.
get Mason's birth certificate from the county office
**got it! and i mailed it off to healthy families! whoo hoo!
start Kris's birthday gift
** started- and almost done i might say. i am proud of this, as i kinda came up with my own bag (i almost dared to write designed but its loosely based off of one bag i've been eyeing, and constructed based on the skills i have learned from Amy Butler's Birdie Sling)
make gift for Chelsea's baby
** gift made, baby shower is today.
order pics of Mason and pics for frames
**ordered! soon the world will know that my little Mason belongs to this family and lives here!
work on Mason's little Kimono dress
** sadly, i haven't worked on this.
work on embroidery
** yup, been working on it, finished a little project i wanted to do, and am loving embroidery.
hang under my shelf
**i realized after i posted this that it may have sounded a little strange.  i have 2 things to hang under a new shelf Sam put up in our bedroom. i have hung one... one more to go!

pretty good.  I will need to move a few things down for this week:
week 5
write my Grandma's
finish Kris's birthday gift
make Meaghen's baby gift
finish Mason's little Kimono dress
work on embroidery
finish up what's going on for Campbell's party
make Henry's booties 
start Henry's hospital bag
register at the hospital
** and from last week:
call healthy families
hang other item

well, i think i can do it.  

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

a walk in our temporary sun

as previously noted, the sun was out today- finally.  i didn't want to let the change in weather go to waste, so i planned on taking the little ones out on a walk.  sounds like a simple plan, but it isn't always so simple.
Mason has been working on forgoing her morning nap.  this thrills me less and less.  but it is nice to have the 2 of them take a afternoon nap together.  that's a side note.  i wanted to take them out in the morning so that Mason would be more pleasant to be around, then her usual fussy self.
anyways.  here i am, some 9 months pregnant (i think i can officially say 9 months, because you are pregnant for 10 months, and i still have one month to go- math 10-1=9) trying to get my 2 kids ready for our walk.  last week Sam replaced the frame on our broken stroller.  i didn't quite understand how to get it out of the folded lock position.  here i am, with the stroller outside, trying so hard to just get it to be upright, and i have little Mason, standing in the doorway screaming, tears down her little face (she is so dramatic- nothing was wrong, she was just mad).
after almost breaking into tears myself, i figured out how to get the stroller upright (however, at this time, i didn't realize that the front wheel was completely locked, so as i was pushing the kids up hills, downtown it felt like i was trying to make lead move)
so we leave.  and after the trauma of getting ready to go, i decided we'd just go to the park/playground that's literally on yards away from our house (but first i have to go up a very steep hill).
so we leave- 11am.  go up and down the hill to the park.  Campbell get's all excited to see the playground.  and its locked.  have you ever tried to explain to a very excited 2 1/2 year old that the park that is inches away from him, he can't really access? it doesn't go over well. he was in tears.
so we left. and walked to the bank.  he got over the playground being closed.  we went to the bank, where he asked the teller for money ( i had just told him that we go to the bank because the bank is where our money is).
so we left, and Campbell kept asking about Sam.  so i thought, hmmm why don't we just walk to Starbucks.  it was less than 2 miles away, and the kids were having a nice time, and Sam was almost off work.
so we had a wonderful little walk.  Campbell and i sung his favorite songs.  and then arrived at Starbucks, had some yummy scones, and waited for Sam.
i figured we would just wait while Sam drove home to get the van, then he'd come back for us.
Nope! Sam wanted to walk us all home (he had a some to vent about from work)
so we did.  so i walked about 4 miles (full of hills) today.  i'm tired, but its a good tired.
i love taking the kids outside.  i hate being outside. i am not an outdoors person at all.  i do enjoy camping with Sam, but i don't have an itch for it.
but watching my children experience the outdoors brings me so much joy.  Mason takes in everything, and Campbell points out everything he sees.  to see their happiness, such innocence, it makes me want to spend all my time outside.  even if the walks start out stressful, i know that it is worth it in the end.


the sun is out today! it stopped raining, no storm watching of snow (which means no Sam watching for snow) and i can take the kids on a walk, rejoin the land of the living, and hopefully start to work the baby down (and out... that's the plan)
thank you Lord for blue skies!

mindless wondering

It is still raining.  Which is good, because this state was (is?) in danger of a drought.  Rain is better than snow, because the snow stresses Sam out, and makes it impossible for me to want to go out at all.  However the snow is prettier to look at, and it is way more entertaining to watch Campbell play in the snow, then watch him press his little face against our windows longing to be outside.

There is constant rain.  And it’s not just the water I hear trickling down the storm drain right now.  It’s the constant rain version of the pain I see in other people’s lives.  Specifically, my sister.  I know she received some devastating news today, news that I cannot begin  to relate too.  I wish there was something I could do to take away her pain.  All I can do is say I'm sorry, and I love her.  But it just doesn't seem like enough.  

But I do know that it won't rain forever.  Sister, it won't rain for ever.  God promises no more floods.  It won't rain, it can't rain forever.  I can't promise what sun will bring- but I hope you can find some hope.


And onto other mindless notes.

I hate elastic.

Argh.  I am hating elastic right now.  Absolutely hating it.  I am currently making a cute little hat for a baby shower.  And am having the worst time getting the elastic to work in the “elastic casing” I have made.  First, I made my elastic casing at the recommended ½ inch seam allowance, however I couldn’t get the elastic to get through the sewn seams inside the casing (not quite sure how this happened).  So- seam ripper.  Argh.  Then back to sewing another casing.  This time at 7/8 seam allowance.  So I worked the elastic through, and I must have pulled to much or something, but I pulled the elastic through to make the casing all bunchy, and then cut my elastic to sew it together.  However the little bit of casing that hadn’t been sewn on the hat totally puckered out- making the hat look terrible.  So I undid the sewing of the elastic- and then promptly lost the elastic in the hat.  And had to pull it all out.  And then I re threaded the elastic.  And lost it again. 

I am currently looking at the little hat sitting next to me, without elastic in it, the elastic now to short for the casing, and not quite sure what to do. 

It is very frustrating to invest time in a project that should have been done long ago.  And to still not be sure what I should quite be doing next with it.

Flash forward 2 hours.  I did figure out what the problem was, and have finished the hat.

Was it worth it? Well, sure- its cute, and i'll enjoy giving it.  However I still have a little butterfly to sew for it, and matching booties to make... so- spending 2 hours alone on just threading elastic through a casing was not a great use of my time.

You know what else isn't a good use of my time? Picking up torn pieces of books, even after I believe I have successfully removed all paper books from my 2 year olds grasp.  Wrong. He has somehow figured out to tear apart the covers of hard books.  That's not quite napping.  Neither is pulling off the letters of his name that are hanging on the wall.  This is the 4th time i've had to re attach them.  I know what you are thinking, why not just put them down? Because they look so cute all hanging up, all 3 names... and.... whine- I like it!

Hmm.. I should go unplug that glue gun.

And maybe go to sleep.

I'm looking forward to a half glass of wine in about 8 weeks.

For tonight, i will settle for ice cream.


Saturday, February 14, 2009

my saturday

and this is my favorite quote i heard this week:

"i've forgotten more about medicine then you two will ever learn"

dr. bob kelso on scrubs.

6 weeks

so technically i've got six whole weeks left.  now i could have this baby in 4-8 weeks... which is a very huge gap.
however, i'm kinda tired of the way i was doing my list of things to do.  instead of overwhelming myself with all the things to do, i want to break it down for myself so that i can prioritize what i need to do and when.  so i'm going to set up what i want to do in week 6, week 5 and so on.  for the next 4 weeks i will put the things i really want to get done, and then the last 2 weeks will be filler, and then i may make an optional 2 weeks after... not what i really want to do- cause i'm thinking positive that 6 weeks from now i'll be holding my new baby boy.
but here's a recap:

what i had previously done in weeks 10-8:
made Piper's Birthday Gift
made Madeline's Birthday Gift
cleaned/organized under my bed
cleaned/organized my side of the closet
organized living room dresser
organized and cleaned up all my art and sewing stuff
finished Campbell and Mason's names
sorted all baby boy clothes
hung wall photo boards in the kids rooms
made my diaper bag
sent in Healthy Families application
hung picture in back room
worked on the white walls in the kids rooms
been blogging

not to bad when i look it over.  i'm pretty proud of myself. and i'm sorry to be blogging about it and boring anyone, but it makes me happy to see that what i've done!

and on what i've done:
recap of week 7
**finished Jana's birthday gift (pics to come after her birthday)
**finished Henry's baby blanket and small blanket
**finished my taxes (about an hour ago! whoo hoo)
**hung up Henry's name
**cleaned up the hall closet- there's some empty spaces that i wanted to fill, and         then i realized, i didn't need to fill it all, its done.

again not bad.  and here's what i still have to go:

week 6:
brainstorm Campbell's birthday party, decide when i'm going to do it, and start invitations
follow up with healthy families for Mason
get Mason's birth certificate from the county office
start Kris's birthday gift
make gift for Chelsea's baby
order pics of Mason and pics for frames
work on Mason's little Kimono dress
work on embroidery
hang under my shelf

week 5
write my Grandma's
finish Kris's birthday gift
make Meaghen's baby gift
finish Mason's little Kimono dress
work on embroidery
finish up what's going on for Campbell's party
make Henry's booties 
start Henry's hospital bag
register at the hospital

week 4
put up pictures
finish picture window with frames
make Campbell's backpack
finish Henry's hospital bag
start Jana's baby gift
follow up with healthy families
finish pictures in kids room
do top shelf frames

week 3
make Mason's Easter skirt
make my Wrap Skirt
make picture hanging for Campbell
start Gaia's birthday gift
pack hospital bag
start Campbell's Easter pants

week 2
finish Jana's baby gift
finish Gaia's birthday gift
make fun totes
work on Campbell's homeschooling folder
work on Mother's Day gifts
work on van basket
finish Campbell's Easter pants

week 1
work on Mother's Days gifts
make diaper pouch
make Christmas lift
work on Jess's purse
work on Vera's gift

Overdue ideas or if i finish everything early and need more to do:
make seasonal decorations
make 2 pillows and ottoman runner (to hide the disgusting)
make gift list (for birthday presents)
make Christmas list

well that's the plan.  here i go for next week!
if i've missed anything, please let me know!

Friday, February 13, 2009

my friday five

i'd like to start writing more consistent things on my little blog here.  and today i had the idea for writing weekly about five random things that just fly into my brain.

1) i really really wish that i could have some sort of microchip that always kept recording my inner thoughts.  i have some great ideas throughout the day, and i think- ooh write that down... and then i see my 13 month old toddling around with parts to my food processor, and someone they fly out of my brain into oblivion.  

2) yeah, number 1 would be great, because earlier today when i thought about doing this idea for a post i had 5 great things that i wanted to write about, and now i sit here struggling for any... i really think one was about soup.

3) yesterday i was trying to evict a spider from my back room and as it got trapped behind my wash machine and i was spraying with cleaner... i had to wonder if they all natural 7th generation cleanser would actually be any way effectual on the spider.

4) maybe i should spend more time coming with post ideas and then spend equally amount of time coming up with what i will write in my posts.... hmmmm....

5) i will not be deterred- i will take better notes, i will remember more things that i think are interesting to share.  

hmmm.. well

so my photo book came from and i have some mixed feelings about it.
i do love that it was basically free (it was 7.99 with free shipping but shutterfly would have been free with shipping- shipping being 7.99), and i love that i know have a little book with printed up pictures of all the family, our year in review.
however- the pages smelled a bit- like the ink wasn't fully set in or something.
and the picture quality wasn't fantastic- but it may have been due to the size of pictures i picked out.  
some of the background pages i selected i don't think were the ones that actually printed.
so, i don't know how i completely feel.
i love that this website offers so many free deals- and the prints are so cheap.
so before i decide how i really feel, this is my plan.
i'm going to order some of my free prints- because i have like 600 coming this month, and see how the quality of the prints turns out (and how much the shipping is) and after i get the prints- and if i like them, i think i may try another photo book (because i have another free one coming) and try some different sizes of photos in the book.
the reason i am blogging about this is because the prices are so reasonable, plus when you sign up as a member (which is free) the just have so many amazing free printable things for you- which you can enjoy or give as gifts.
so... the jury isn't out yet.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

all the things

Of all the things I wish I had done today, I'm not quite sure if it could have been a much better day. The last two days have been so wonderful and relaxed.  I mean in spite of a quick run up to the ER for little Campbell and unexpected guests showing up.  The last 2 days have shown that nothing really goes as I may plan, but now that there is no real schedule to keep (just my schedule) it really is ok.  
It is weird to feel really laid back.  For me that seems really weird.  We had friends over for dinner tonight. Which for me has meant in the past racing around like a mad woman, trying to clean rapidly, keep things clean, and have dinner perfect and ready to present right when our guests walk in the door.
Lately, i've just kinda been wondering: who wants to live like that? Some people.  I did, and maybe someday I will want to again, but now- I have 2 little people in my home who make things very unpredictable.
So, at 4:30 I wasn't rapidly cleaning my house (I knew I had vacuumed yesterday and cleaned the bathroom yesterday as well- that's clean enough) instead I watched my beautiful little girl waddle around the house, clutching a little monkey that we call her baby (and she calls her baby and will lovingly hug and pat her back).  
And at 5 I finally decided to start dinner, our guests showed up 15 minutes early, and it really was ok.  Dinner was served eventually, and it was good.
I know, this is a fairly stupid post.  But I have so much renewed peace and calm and joy.  I am just really happy.  And I am realizing that just letting myself be calm and go with the flow, is working for me.
I would no way describe myself as laid back... I am wound pretty darn tight.  But I feel like I am slowly letting a little go, and I'm not panicking by it, I'm embracing it, enjoying the time.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

7 weeks

checking in... on another week

and from 1o, comes 9, and then 8
and now 7
more progress has been made! again, i may not totally feel like something is done, if one little thing isn't done, but that's just the way my strange mind works.
at least during this week, i haven't added anything new (this could change by next week though!)
**- means an item is done!
10 gifts to make
Piper Birthday Gift-i am happy to say i found the rest of her birthday gift... still need to wrap
Madeline Birthday Gift-this is done- but to be wrapped!
Kris Birthday Gift- i would still like to come up with an idea for this... i have 2 right now, but i think i will try them first for myself, and see if they will work.
Jana Birthday Gift-pockets sewn on the lining.
Meaghen's Baby Gift-mind wandering still- although i have 3 small purchased gifts for before the baby comes, and i may make her one thing for before baby, then make 2 other- she is having her showers after the baby comes... but i will still want these done.
Jana's Baby Gift- i think i have this narrowed down... but nothing made or started.
Mother's Day gifts for friends- i may want to start working on more of these.
Sam's Mom and My Mom's mother day's gifts- i have picked out what i want to do! and it rocks!
Gaia Birthday Gift- i know what i want to do... just need to get started.
Vera Gift- still have things cut but that is it.
Ok. so I did get one sewing project done, and another kinda started... and things definitely thought about- but these are the projects that really need attention.  I would love to have things wrapped and ready before the baby comes, so I don't have to worry about it!

10 organizational or random projects
clean out hall closet- more progress- stuff that isn't supposed to be in the closet is out, and now i need to figure out what i want in the closet ( i have a few empty shelves)
**clean out my side of the closet- DONE!
**clean out under our bed-
**clean our living room dresser-i do officially feel like this one is done!
resort my craft stuff- Major progress! everything in the backroom is sorted, all sewing stuff is one place, but the back room is still a bit of a mess, so its almost done.
put together car basket
**put up a sewing shelf- this isn't going to happen- the lighting with the shelf up would not be good- but we did switch desks for me to sew with, and now i have drawers (stimulating, i know) so technically done!
**finish names in the kids rooms-DONE! and actually redone (as campbell pulled the two L's of his name off 2 days after they were rehung!)
put up pictures of Mason- yeah, still not done.
**clean out baby boy clothes- DONE! i pulled out all the clothes i will absolutely not need with henry (who needs 30 oneseis for one baby) and the extra clothes have been moved out to the garage (in the appropriate bin) and all henry's clothes are organized!
additional to add:
buy and paint henry's name-bought the letters!
put up special frames on top shelf in kids room- i found the frames to use... and know what pics I want to do!
hang wall photo boards in kids room- i do have these up (and they look nice) but i need to actually add more pictures.  and i do think i want to change how i have done this, some day... change from cardboard to a magnetic board.

10 projects for me and my family
**my diaper bag
Mason's Easter Skirt-- bought the fabric.
Easter pants for Campbell-still need a pants or long shorts pattern.
Wrap Skirt for me- Easter-bought the fabric!
Campbell drawstring bag
Henry baby blanket- crochet - finished more edging, need to weave in a few more ends, and finish my mini one!
diaper pouch
my window frame project- once i get my photo book in the mail, i will see if i can order pictures from the same site.
laptop case
kimono dress for Mason- i traced the pattern!
make Henry baby booties to bring him home from the hospital in (and get my sister to knit him a hat)

10 absolutely random things that need to be done
hang crates- i am not totally sure if this will be done... not because of time, but due to aesthetics.
**pictures in back room-hung!
**Mason on Healthy Families- mailed out and awaiting approval!
make springtime decorations-i have actually thought of some fun ways to seasonally decorate, but done nothing yet.
do taxes :)- so so so close to being done... just waiting for Turbo Tax to stop having glitches.
make Christmas list
find out about gas stove reimbursement
organize van
10 blog entries about my 10 weeks- 3 out of 10 done!
write my Grandmas
and adding an 11th- hang stuff in the kids room to fill up the blank white walls! now that mason is in the crib i can finally hang something above the crib! i have one more thing to do to the walls, and then i will post before and after pictures.

so, more things get done everyday.  I feel like more got done this week, probably too because other stuff that wasn't on the list was accomplished.  I think when i actually get some more sewing projects done I'll feel way more ahead of the track.  I just need to get more started,because i have a ticking time bomb of comfort in front of me!

a finished diaper bag

Progress! Whoo-Hoo! I finished my diaper bag, and i am pretty happy with it I must say.

This is "the Everything Bag" from Amy Butler's book Little Stitches for Little Ones

there are 2 side pockets like this...

a divider and 2 pockets for each side (4 pockets total)
I plan on using this bag for Mason and Henry, giving them each there own side.


Things i wish i could change:
-my lack of straight stitching... i need to always sew a little slower.
- the fact that when i sew the lining to the exterior fabric there is always a little too much of one fabric and it doesn't stay straight- there's always an overlap
-the bags tends to look a little flimsy when the diaper bag is totally packed full- maybe more interfacing for the main panels? I'm not quite sure... i need it pretty packed...
- there's a tiny piece of elastic showing on the inside.

Things i love:
- the fabric! its a home decor from Joann's... i really like getting my fabric on sale, with coupons- which is how i did this, but i have realized that buying fabric you absolutely love- is way more important than price. However- that doesn't mean i buy every fabric my eyes fall on. Instead it means waiting.  My recent Moda purchase was fabric that i had been eyeing for a long time, and after patiently waiting, i have wonderful fabric- for half the price. and after seeing stashes like this i do see the importance of stacking up on fabrics.
- how big the bag is- it holds a lot- with everything in its own perfect place.
- that i made it! its make me happy to have something i made holding my children's gear.
- that i only got majorly stumped twice.  and thank you, thank you Serena (oh if you only knew what my plan for that side panel was)

ahhhh... lovely

just some beautiful Moda fabric i purchased the other day, with a wonderful gift card i received for my birthday... i had previously purchased the top fabric for a purse i made for my sister-in-law, but now the fabric was marked down (from 8.99 to i think 4.99) and i had to get some more!
i am planning on using the wonderful blue on the bottom for mine and Mason's Easter skirts.
the top two fabrics i believe i will be using to experiment with on some tutorials i have found through other blogs... more to come on that later.
ahhh... fabric.... i just cannot resist!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


breathe. done.

less than an hour

i am sure everyone is appreciating these motivational posts about getting through one day with 3 kids.  and one last day at that.
but it is most likely less than an hour, and things are looking up.
2 sleeping 2 1/2 year olds (which is absolutely unbelievable!)
and sam just came home and took the little terror... i mean, my sweet daughter, out on a walk.
** i call her a little terror because she has refused to nap, and if you heard the noises she was making from her crib- you wouldn't fault me in my description!
i'm the little engine... i think i can i think i can... make it through this day!

less than 3 hours to go

the day is not going great.  made particularly rotten by the fact that mason is not napping, i think i can hear someone crying in the other room and campbell won't nap either.
why oh why.

9 hours

that's right. that's all i have.  i may be pretty exhausted right now, tummy hurts, headachey for days, and i've got this thing poking me at all times (ha, that's really both internally and externally- as my toddling baby is a bit crazy on her feet at times).
but i can do it.
i can absolutely enjoy today, savor the lasts, relax, and then embrace what the future holds.
3 of my own.
although last night sam mentioned 4... and it wasn't followed by his usual shock and horror... but instead, "i could do 4..but...."
doesn't he realize that sentence is enough to get me pregnant?
oh man. i don't want to move.
and that would honestly be- my only hesitation.

Monday, February 2, 2009

a huge irritation

frustration upon frustrations.  i have been patiently waiting for sam's w2 to arrive, so that i can dutifully begin the process of filing our taxes.  with the economy being the way its been, i have been slightly fearful that somehow we could be paying both (with the progress i have made so far that doesn't seem to be the case) and i have wanted to get it done so if we needed to pay, i could start saving up.
well finally, sam's employer decided they would grace us with his w2.  about stinkin' time.
so, with most of my documents already loaded into turbo tax, i sat down with the remainder of my tax documents and signed in.
and signed in.
and signed in again.
and then got in.
and then was automatically signed out.
apparently turbo tax's website isn't running smoothly.
at all.
yup.  this is very irritating to me.
a huge irritation.
i am praying for patience.
and blogging right now to avoid trying to sign in for the 60th time today.
not truly an exaggeration. i've been trying since 11 am.
a huge irritation.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

an overdue thank you

sam was a little confused with why i had pictures like this on the camera!

Early this week I received the necklace I won and just haven't taken the time to share its wonder! I love it!!! I am so happy that I won... and the necklace is beautiful and great, and it really made me smile when I got it in the mail.
Also, when it came Campbell really was obsessed with wanting to try it on as well.
Thank you to Mel! I am very grateful for this necklace.