Saturday, August 29, 2009

a little new.

here's a couple of little fabrics that i bought when up in puyallup earlier this month (whoa, it's almost september) at pacific fabrics. i am in love with the wonderland (bottom floral) and the black floral just popped. i'm not sure what i am going to do with it, most likely a purse. the orange dots will work well for lining of a bag.
part of me thinks i may have blogged about this already, if i did- sorry.
for the month of september i am not buying fabric. its very hard to type that. but i really need to be making projects, and sam and i are trying to spend a little less this month.
however, i have several fun fabrics that have been bought recently, so i will still have something fun to share.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

a little strawberry sunshine.

i think that shall make a nice name for this apron. however, i most likely won't always make this apron with strawberry yellow fabric, but for this one it fits.

do you see the pleats? completely last minute, because the top wouldn't lay correctly. still doesn't. but hopefully the recipient doesn't mind. this is the apron i made for sam's cousin for her wedding shower gift. she's very bright and country, so i think it fits.

i'd brag and say "my design, my design", but.... come one- it's just to square pieces sew together. i had really intended for the waist band to be twice the width, but then realized it would have been way to wide high on the sides... not sure how to fix that problem. also the band threatened to hide my pleats, something that i wanted shown. i'm trying to work out the issues as i make the next apron.

i've got a couple of changes zooming around the brain. sewing related, time related, spacial thinking related....
but that's another post!

you shouldn't sew when you can't think.

fyi. just in case anyone out there thinks that you can sew** if you aren't thinking.
yesterday i was working on an apron for a bridal shower i am attending on the 5th .(could i please get a round of applause- i started this project almost 2 weeks before it needed to be done!)
i just finished an apron for another bridal shower that i went to last sunday (sam's cousin is getting married). there is a small chance that apron was finished hours before the shower.... but.... well, it got finished (and i think i shall be blogging about it next).
so i am working on this new apron, and not using a pattern. there are lovely apron patterns out there, but they always call for so much fabric (i don't know how much fabric i am using for this apron, but because i didn't read 1 or 2 yards, it feels like less) and they don't look complicated.

so i cut out the bottom piece to the apron. i trace, measure, and cut- and hold it up to me.
probably would have helped if i had made the width wide enough for the pleats i want(ed) to do.
no worries, i'll just flip the piece.... ok, now its a tad shorter in length.
no worries, i'll just add a contrasting trim and lengthen the apron.
phew, crisis averted.
so, then i am ironing the bottom piece in half so that i can get a nice crease in the middle to use for measuring my pleats.
so i iron, get the crease, and flip it over. and promptly iron out the crease.
as i look proudly at the flat piece of fabric, i go "huh?"
oh yeah. i wanted the crease. great.
i grab the iron, create my crease again, unfold the fabric.
and grab my scissors and aim to start slicing up the crease.
and then i stop, scissors in hand, and i give them a strange look.
what am i doing?
well, the pleats are formed (barely, and with using the seam ripper) and i move on to another aspect of the apron.
the straps.
i make them: like a good old spaghetti strap style, folding in towards the middle- creating another crease, folding each end up towards the crease, and then ultimately folding it over to create finished edges.
so i start top stitching, going very slow to ensure i keep my 1/8 seam allowance.
then i flip and do the other side.
and as the strap is finishing i notice an very interesting fact.
i decided that 1/4 seam allowance on the other side would be groovy.
that's just awesome.
well, hopefully you will all be on pins and needles, curious in how this "apron" turns out.

**i just spell checked and that first sew was typed " so"... so apparently, don't blog if you can't think either

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

a possibly scarry post.

today is august 25, 2009.


christmas is coming.

it is only 4 months away.

4 months.

no longer 12, or 9 or even 6.

but 4 months.


and have i started sewing yet??????

if you can't find me, i am hiding under my sewing table, trying to make the calendar fly back to march.

are you kidding me?

i am currently in my 6th outfit of the day. i cannot decide what to wear. do i have exciting plans or a big event today? nope. just lounging around, homeschooling and cleaning and playing with the kids.
and yet, i cannot decide what to wear, and i keep changing my clothes (which is wreaking absolute havoc on my hair).
what is wrong with me? i really love almost all of my clothes, so why should getting dressed be such an issue.
well, a professor i had at college once said, "when you open your closet, it isn't that you don't have anything to wear, it's that you don't have anything that reflects how you are feeling".
i really agree with that.
however, i have this weird mind attachment to clothes, where i think "hmmm, i haven't worn that in forever, i really need to try and wear that" or "well, i made that, so i need to be wearing it" or "jeans again? i need to mix it up with a skirt".
it is utterly frustrating. i am utterly frustrated, mainly because i know that i will be changing my outfit yet again.
so it makes me wonder, do i need to free up my closet space? get rid of the stuff in the drawers that i just never wear, put it in a box and slowly pull out one thing at a time, and if i don't wear it in a week it gets donated.
and with the items i have made. well most of them were "practice items" and i have yet to make the project again. so that means that aren't truly stellar. should i just recycle my fabric? reuse it for something else?
but even as i type that, i have ridiculous sentimental attachment to this red wrap skirt i am wearing, regardless of the fact that it points in areas it should point, and the tie is so high every shirt gets puckered out with it.
there are so many more important things i should be doing with my time then stuck in this stupid clothes fiasco.
but, i am still off to change again.

i settled on something to wear (for now). and i have had some new revelations on my frustrations:
1) i am so stinkin' tired of summer clothes, i am ready to move towards different things.
2) when your body goes through weight gain and weight loss, it definitely makes a difference on the clothes you have owned.
3) just because i liked something 2 years ago, doesn't mean i have to like it now (especially we i know that the majority of my clothes didn't cost a lot- target clearance!)
4) i think i would much rather have 10 outfits that i feel fantastic in, then 40 outfits i feel obligated to wear, that make me feel ok.
5) i need take more time when i make a skirt or top (or stop making those items) because if they don't turn out, they don't look great on.
well, that's it for now. i have to go and tackle the clothes mess i have left in my room.

Monday, August 24, 2009

don't stay up to late.

it sure is a nice thought, going to bed at a reasonable time. but when you have children who are not simultaneously napping during the day, one must relish the evening time when the house is silent (even though this evening has been interrupted twice by henry- who just can't settle down, and mason who is still sick).

i am still pretty tired, and as i type, my eyes are squinting to stay awake (it is definitely time for bed), yet i am still craving a little bit of my own time.
so for fun, i thought i share the randomness of life.
even though i have sworn off designing bags i have yet another attempt flopped on the ironing board. this time i am staying to what i know, and its basically a new twist on an old favorite. and that's really all i am sharing.
well, and these two pictures.

why random brown straps? because after sewing these, and just casually trimming the ends (there are two separate straps here) i was shocked to find that they were absolutely even. no ruler, no laying them out debating which side got trimmed. i just got scissor happy, and perfection.
ahhhh. happy.
speaking of really random things that make me happy (beware this is SO superficial i feel bad posting about it) these are the little vases in my kitchen window, (no i couldn't photograph the window, because oddly enough a window that looks clean to my eyes, turned up ghastly dirty in the picture) and i spend a good 75% of my day standing in front of this window.
and i just love that i feel skinny in this reflection.
because some mirrors and some reflections are NOT flattering.
and for some reason, i love this reflection (i warned you, totally superficial)
but it did get me thinking, of how i feel i can use this window for encouragement and prayer.
more details to come later.... i have an idea a brewing. so give me some time (months?) and let me see what i develop.

man alive, do i need to recharge my batteries (shameless picture here). i am so tired (still squinting) and am trying to get up early- 5 am- so that i can have my oatmeal, mentally wake up, and then exercise as sans kids as possible.
well, i drug myself out of bed this morning at 5:45, and tomorrow (or um in 7 hours) sam gets up at 5, so i will have a buddy.
thank you Lord for coffee.
i am just trying to be more productive.
see my list below?

sewing tasks, and my exercise plan are scribbled on this handy notepad.
but that is only a tiny fraction of the current plate i am trying to handle.
i've got home-schooling campbell (we started our school year today!), the camping blog, our family blog, the little etsy store i am trying to start up, sewing for said etsy store, sewing for myself, my sunday school job, Bible studies to be done, Bible studies that are starting up again, and i am wanting to take on a special responsibility in our church's women's ministry.
again- more details to come.
so many things.
but, i'm not staying up to late.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

it's purple.

that was my exclamation when i spied this little purple blossom in our back yard.
how do you get a beautiful purple blossom growing in your back yard? its easy. absolutely neglect the yard for months, refuse to water or mow, and allow feral thistles to grow at random. and you too can have a beautiful purple thistle.
amidst tall, dead yellow grass.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

should be.

why am i out buying fabric, when i should be sewing?

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

my french bird.

no, i don't have a new 2 winged friend in my home. but seeing that this new bag i made was inspired by this bag and this bag by amy butler, i decided that a combo of the names was in order. side note: i didn't use either pattern to make this bag, i have made a birdie sling (well many birdie slings) and i definitely used the skills that i learned by making them, but this bag was my design, however inspired by seeing the other two.

with that said, i am definitely done designing bags. at least for the foreseeable future. it is just not my niche. i believe that i am a moderately creative person, but i think that in order for my creativity to soar, i need to be working to my strengths.

however, judging by these photos, one might wonder if sewing is my strength. its really not my fault that the stitching is so awful. this fabric was horrid to work on, and i will never buy this type of home decor fabric again.
maybe i needed a different needle?

here is my one super unique part to the bag. this little puckering on the ends is my original design, which came across from my first attempt (failure)at making gussets.

well, she's not the worst bag ever (that bag was made years ago and ended up in the garbage) but i definitely see a ton of room for improvement. i might try this bag again, maybe with different fabric, maybe with fusible interfacing and not fusible fleece.
i do love making bags, because i LOVE bags. and i have several patterns that i really want to try.
well this french bird went home with my sister-in-law jess. it was a late birthday present. in fact, the second part of her birthday present is draping over the ironing board, perhaps i should go work on that.

Monday, August 17, 2009


do you remember this apron? well after i had entered it in an apron giveaway at angry chicken, it was slated to be entered in my local fair.
and yup, that's a blue ribbon on top of this little lady.
first place. beginner level.
of course, it doesn't hurt when you are the only entry in this particular category.
i don't care, it only makes me want to sew more for next year, so that maybe i can legitimately win...
either way, sam spent my $3 prize (oh yes, i won cash) on a yummy latte that i enjoyed tonight.
in case you are wondering, serena entered an apron too, where there were multiple entries, and she won first place in her category.
i am super proud.
visit her, i think she is still doing her giveaway for another beautiful apron.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

no change here.

well except for my hair. which is SHORT! perhaps a tad shorter than i thought, but it is really funny because the hairstyle i am not sporting, is one that i have always wanted and tried to get, but it never truly laid or styled quite right. and as i type this with messy-i've been up all night with sick kids hair- i realize, hey- it was finally cut perfect to fit the style!
well, it did just happen yesterday, let's see how i feel after i shower.
and sadly i really don't have a good before and after picture- well maybe i do, but i have been sporting an all attractive pony tail knot for the last week (hence the haircut)

but still no change with the kids. and no, it isn't swine flu. they are only sick in the middle of the night, which is just lovely for me and sam- more un-lovely for sam, as he has to work at 4 am.

the house is a mess, it doesn't smell well in here, there is sewing and such to be done.

but it will be ok.

i wish i had a picture to share. not of the mess or the sewing that isn't done. but i realized that i only take pictures of my kids or my sewing. how boring is that? really boring. i think i ought to change that up!

i went and saw julie/julia. i liked it. although it makes me come back to this little blog and of course dream of the different things i could do.
the problem- i never have just one idea. even when i try to think about the things i could only focus on and write about, well never does one thing just apply.
i truly am generally wondering about so many things, and generally trying of lots of things- not that i always follow through, but i have ideas.
are to many focuses in one blog exhausting? not for me at least- its nice to get them out of the brain and onto a surface.
well, on a side note, i think i am going to be deleting some of my labels in an attempt to reorganize my thoughts, ideas and this blog. so try hard and not be lost or shocked if this happens.
and on a completely other note:
weighed in yesterday, all the pregnancy weight with henry is gone. i'd post my weight, but my sister will kill me. this isn't a brag, i feel proud and happy.
goal weight=new hair.
now hopefully i can stay not pregnant for awhile and enjoy it!

Thursday, August 13, 2009


it has been a long week. and it is only thursday. however, every single day this week has felt like a saturday. why? because we have been watching so many movies, in fact i think the kids have watched a years worth of movies this week alone.
well mary, why are you allowing your family to become horrid lazy bums? because we have been suffering from a horrid stomach flu that has not gone away. i think somewhere in blog literature it indicates that to many details on such a matter aren't undesirable for your readers- so i won't enlighten you.
but it has been awful. and just when you think it is over, one more child gets sick.
if i disappear for awhile- my body has let me down, and i am sick.

i am letting my body down. queasiness and tyring to bounce up and down during a work out don't quite go hand in hand. so my uber dedication to my firm videos has taken a hit, and it makes me sad. after all, exercise releases endorphins right? (quoting Elle here from Legally Blonde)

sewing has been done in little spurts. and i did finish jess's bag. and i am pretty happy with the results (but will never ever sew on home decor fabric again... well, at least not without researching needles).

anyways, that is life right now. messy and a little bit of of a pause.
i am getting my hair cut tomorrow, and the thought of a tiny escape from this place sounds amazing- especially when it will feel like a bit of glamour, being pampered and all.

now off to find my camera so i can share photos from the new creation!

** i am still a momma, but i have decided to drop down to just plain old simple mary.
although i am not too plain, and i refuse to say i am old, and simple? hardly.

Monday, August 10, 2009

the dorothy bag.

finally posting about sewing, and by the way- i should NOT be posting, i should be sewing... this procrastinator is feeling the pressure of gifts that have not been made.
however behind i am, i felt the urge to share a little project that i not only made, but technically designed myself. i am starting to believe that bag design is not my forte at all (which is an incredibly ironic statement to make seeing that another new design is laying on my ironing board right now)
anyhoo- here she is:

i have named her "the dorothy bag".
for no other reason than when i thought "she needs a name" the wizard of oz just shot into my brain. maybe it's the gingham. not quite sure.
the pockets are a little different- they are longer, and one side is 2 pockets, the other side is 3, perfect for your cell phone, keys- those things i am constantly digging in my purse for.

i couldn't make this picture flip, but that's the loop i made.

and here is said loop around the button.
and the bag.
she isn't to tough, i used a little bit of interfacing, and probably should have used more because the fabric was very light weight. originally she was much longer, but when i attempted a new move on the sides, it didn't turn out well. so i improvised. and this is what we got.
i like the handle especially, nice and over the shoulder.
this dorothy bag was given off as a gift. perhaps with better fabric choices (because i tend to salvage pieces together when making a new project) she would be worth a price? a very small price that is.
i am pretty impressed that my sides all matched up- something you cannot see in the pictures, but they did all add up.
well, i should probably go off and start sewing. but (and without giving to much information here) i have really sick kids, one who is currently sleeping on the floor in the living room in case any new sickness comes um... up.
so, i guess i might be really leaving this gift to the last minute (funny, since it is already 1o days late).

Saturday, August 8, 2009

little bits.

home and trying to settle back in. it is so hard. cranky children, messy home, and endless projects that need to be started.
however my brain is a tad foggy. maybe its from being gone for so many days, and having so many things on the horizon, i am just struggling to find my focus, and get started.
and the screaming baby i hear in the background does not make anything easier.
but, you have to love new fabric, right?
i'm particularly in love with the cotton knit- the white with blue and brown flowers (?)
not sure what i will do with it, other than drape it around myself and pray for sanity, focus, and motivation to get off the couch!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


i am not quite sure what i was planning on blogging about, but any thoughts that may have been floating around inside my mind are officially put on hold, because i have to share exciting news about the two new loves in my life.

ms. baby blue.

this is why i cannot boldly put the buy handmade button on my blog.
i love to make handmade, and i love buying handmade... but i cannot take the pledge. why? because i am addicted to red stickers. red clearance stickers that is, and i happen to have some kind of super power that allows me to find them everywhere!
ms. baby blue was a fantastic target find while shopping with my sister last night. i was spending some money that my momma gave me... you see it would have been $1300 for the kids and i to fly up to washington, so i drove us all up. my mom decided i might need a little spending spree after the drive... she was right, i had way to much fun shopping last night with my sis. and by the end of the night i was a giggly mess (perhaps it was because my children were at home snuggled in their beds-all 3- or i think the starbucks lady put a little something extra in my latte).
anyways, ms. baby blue here was only $7.88
now i love making bags, one of my favorite things to make... but i really doubt i could have made this for $7.88
at least i know it wouldn't have turned out this way!

and ms. brown fancy.

now ms. brown fancy here was purchased with the mindset that i would use her as my camera bag. now she is quite girlie, i don't know if sam will approve.... so she may be used as a camera bag some days, and an everything else bag other days.
bff, i searched long and hard for another one, and alas, i could not find a sister to this.
and at a whopping $4.88- believe me i searched really hard!
remember how i feel about journals? well that sentiment is also shared on bags.
in all fairness- i only buy bags that are ridiculous deals. and try and only make bags out of fabric i adore...
and i never buy shoes. so it kinda evens out right?
ok, back to admire my new bags.
it really is love.

Monday, August 3, 2009


terrible pic, but not truley terrible if you take into account it was shot via my phone.

isn't it wonderful that just because you are "gone" from your home, you never truly have to gone from your blog? i mean, unless you really want to be gone. i am a self-admitted blog addict. and with 3 blogs going, i understand i have a problem. but i don't care.
i just love to blog. and i am hoping that one day i will consistently have wonderful things to say.
or interesting things to say.
or helpful.
for today it is crafty/inventive. no, i am not sewing while away (for those of you who didn't see my last cryptic post placed via my snazzy new cell phone, i am currently residing in the slightly cooler whereabouts of puyallup, wa). however i did bring a slab of sewing stuff with me, and my sister wants to attempt to make flower clips.... so hopefully i will for once do something that i have brought.
how many of us do that? i over bring everything. 4 journals for this, 5 books that sound interesting, 6 sewing projects to start, exercise stuff if inspired.
i need to narrow it down! which should really be my new motto, and for today it is.
instead of the above listed, it should really be 1 journal, a traveling journal- for all vacationing, not that it needs to be filled with thoughts about trips, but thoughts formed while vacationing.
boom. i just created more room in the car- for fabric.
and instead of doing 5 books that i haven't started- just bring one book. and if i really plan on reading, it should be one either i am desperate to start, desiring to re-read, or am almost finished.
sewing. hmmm. it should really be hand projects only, which really shouldn't be a problem, because i think i have a nifty idea for the etsy store, and it really requires 80% embroidering, and seeing that i am not super good yet- i need the practice.
look at all the room i am creating.
and as far as my exercise stuff. who am i kidding? i am always inspired. i have become a exercise addict (same with blogging) and got a ton of enjoyment out of co-firming it up with my sis today.
well, not a particularly crafty or inventive post of anything crafting related.
but crafty and inventive with space is something i am always thriving for!
and now (hypothetically) i have created all more space for fabric.

Sunday, August 2, 2009


Bravery, deciding in 2 short hours that I would be gone for 6 days with my kids. Not impressed? I had to drive 10 hours to get to my first destinatiion- with 2 and a half hours still to go. Nothing quite like traveling till 3 am with 3 tired babies. I will have to reward myself with some new fabric....