Saturday, September 24, 2011

up from the ashes

i think it is safe to say, this has been the hardest summer of my life. it also wouldn't be to off the mark to say its also been the worst summer of my life. so many things have happened that have rocked my small little world. my best friend in the whole world experienced deep pain and suffering, my husband lost his brother (which means, that i also lost someone i deeply loved), earlier in the summer my marriage was again on rocky grounds, and my heart's desire was forced into finding itself drawn to a new path.
suck. that is pretty much the word that really comes to my mind.
so, as i am here, reeling from the last 4 months, i want to try and remember a few things that have brought a little bit of light into this dark time.
~my sweet sister, after 5 years of trying, is finally expecting a baby. best news i have received in a long time. such an amazing blessing, and i cannot wait to meet this precious baby girl.
~my sweet henry is starting to talk more. and he is really developing quite the sense of humor. he had this precious moment at sam's parents house where he had escaped from the bath and was standing behind a doorway, and he kept popping his head out and saying "ta da" and then laughing. it caused paul (sam's dad) and i to laugh pretty hard.
~with all the things that henry has started to say, he will -when prompted- say i love you. and it is wonderful.
~my littlest boy has started walking. he is very proud of himself, and throws his arms up in the air. he is my sweet light in all of this.
i wish there was more, but right now i can't think of much else. life is starting to move forward. nothing is easy, it just is.