Tuesday, May 1, 2012

yesterday and today

yesterday was wonderful. yesterday i woke up, choosing the Lord and what He wants instead of what it is that i want. and when i set aside what i want, i am left with amazing peace in Him. He doesn't leave you empty. seeking Him, His desires, His will, being obedient to Him, there is security and safety in that.  it is truly no different than while i train my children. when i direct them back to truth, and back to choosing to obey and not disobey, they have peace and freedom in knowing their boundaries. my Father is no different that that. He is a loving Father.
yesterday i woke up being thankful that i had breath. because, really- that is a luxury. He controls my breaths. He knows when i take my last one. every morning i am here is an opportunity to serve Him.
yesterday i chose to look at the work He put before me and went forth to do good for Him.
yesterday i was also sad, and struggled with feeling impatient, felt the irritating itch of selfishness and needed to motivate myself.
yesterday, i spent time in the Word with a sweet 16 year old girl.
yesterday, i laid on the floor, drawing numbers for the Lord and sang worship songs with a very sweet 15 year old girl while my henry sat on my back.
yesterday, at one point, 10 children were in my care. and we ran around a mountain top, playing freeze tag and duck duck goose.  we ate rice and beans, and let ice cream sandwiches make our fingers sticky.
yesterday, i was forgiven because He was forsaken. i was accepted, because He was condemned.
yesterday, i was a wretched sinner who remembers the cross, and my King who hung for my sins.
yesterday, the words, "when we don't get what we deserve, its a real good thing, when we get what we don't deserve, its a real good thing" hit my heart.
yesterday, i laid in bed with my oldest (in years of friendship) friend in the world.
yesterday, my children sat at my feet and played. 
yesterday, my best friend and i connected.
yesterday, i found my purpose in He who made me and loves me.
yesterday i realized that peace comes alone from Him. and it is a peace that surpasses all understanding.

today, is wonderful. i woke up, and i again chose the Lord. however, i woke up, snuggling on the couch next to my oldest child.
today, i sipped coffee while full of 11 people bustled around me.
today, i watched people paint and create.
today, a very helpful 13 year old girl detailed my van along with her brothers.
today, i served roughly 14 people lunch with a lot of joy in my heart.
today, i watched my children run around barefoot with smiles on their faces.
today, i listened to two 4 year olds find themselves in their own creative play world.
today, i cling to the truth that He is in control. that He nothing happens without His knowing.
today, i do the work that He has put in front of me, i love my children, i train and teach them, and i love those around me.
today, i am forgive because He was forsaken. i was accepted, because He was condemned.
today, i am a wretched sinner who remembers the cross, and my King who hung for my sins.
today, i am filled with love and peace for my Savior.
today, at the end of the day i am tired, waiting for 4 little people to fall asleep.
today, i find comfort in a few verses of God's Word, rather than chapters.
today, i trust in the Lord, and lean not on my own understanding of anything, but rest in Him, and commit myself to Him.
today, i am blessed by God's faithfulness.
today, i carry a beautiful bouquet of flowers from 10 little people.
today, music blasts in my ears.
today, i do the work He has for me, and not worry about tomorrow, but serve Him in love.

and then, there will be tomorrow.

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever
Hebrews 13:8

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