Thursday, December 10, 2009

remember me?

so apparently i took a unannounced hiatus from blogging. nothing terrible abnormal has been going on, i've just been busy. and when i sit myself down on the couch for the night i have rarely been taking my trusty laptop with me. no, instead i have a glass of wine in my hand and am vegging to the west wing (yes, we are still working our way through, and by working our way through i mean that we started at season 1 again.... it's just so awesome).
and maybe there isn't much to blog about. my life isn't as exciting as i may make it seem through this internet exposure (hard to believe, right?) i went on a massive baking explosion (a couple of pictures to share at some time- no commitments here) and spent most of my evenings trying recipes and tasting lots of things.
oh, and the craft fair. yeah, that took up way to much of my time, and i am incredibly relieved that it is over. perhaps if i had true, dedicated time to sew for profit it would be more enjoyable, but right now i don't, and i would rather sew for pleasure and for fun.
and i was sick. on my birthday. and the kids have been sick (again).
and yes, i had a birthday- i am old.
and behind, i am so so so so behind. why? because for some reason i can only function to the best of my ability when the pressure is on. procrastination is my middle name. i have many gifts that still, 2 weeks before Christmas, are un-done.
--as i was blogging i had to pause to feed the baby. and while feeding him i was able to let my mind wander over EVERYTHING that i have decided to make for Christmas, and suddenly i realize that i must be thinking that someone else is going to be sewing these gifts (that or someone else is going to be feeding, playing with and disciplining my children while i sew).
seriously, i must be crazy.
and shouldn't be blogging, sorry, but i am sure i will be much more interesting on december 26th.
till then, a picture of what my life is truly like:

during times of extreme busyness this is often how you will find our dishwasher.
that's 6 coffee cups on top, and 6 cups on bottom (plus my milk pitcher for my latte's).

i hope to return soon.....


  1. Lol - I immediately noticed all the coffee cups! I just wash and use the same cup over and over and over and over and over again. Then I put it in the dishwasher for it's weekly sanitation. ;)

    I have SO much to make and yet here I sit not making it. I'm so very good at it.

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  3. Awww!! Happy Belated Birthday! And your not old!!! We ALL are procrastinaters! {Even if we don't wanna admint it. So see, your already ahead of the game!} Hope you get all of your Christmas treasures finished! And if it makes you feel at all better, or even not alone... I have many gifts to make, and I haven't even begun my SHOPPING!!! Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful family!!