Tuesday, January 12, 2010

what's a month?

i mean seriously, what's a month of absolute blog silence? sheesh. i sit here on my couch in the middle of the afternoon and i haven't even showered yet. i kept myself running on fumes for the past few days as i was preparing for another baby shower (which during the preps i met with Sam's cousin to start planning out her baby shower) and it is brought to my attention that i might have a small addiction to party planning.
perhaps some day it could be a business. but i doubt it. anything that these last few months have taught me is that doing things i love in an attempt to earn money hasn't really worked for my moral. maybe someday.
my life if full of maybes.
and anyways.
anyways, i am breaking my blogging silence to say i am tentatively home and back. Christmas is over (so relieved am i) and just yesterday i actually finished 3 little girl dresses for a shower gift. my friend is having another little girl and she loves to dress the girls alike, so i made 3 identical dresses set to wear in a year from now. it was immensely fun and rewarding to get back on my sewing machine and made me realize that i cannot remember the last time i made something for myself, and how it might be even more fun to do that.
hmmmmm...... maybe.
i didn't take any pictures of the dresses mainly because i was literally trimming thread as i dropped them into the gift box. and i realized with all the pictures of things i have made and haven't shared clogging my picture albums, well, i didn't want to add one more thing.
january, how are you here already. and how is it 11 months till Christmas.
oh yes, i just said that. because really my only new years resolution is to not get into the same mess i did this last Christmas.
what a nightmare.
anyways, i am back. with tons of excitement. my sister got me martha's cookie book for christmas (and a weight watcher's cookbook, but i think posts on cookies will be way more entertaining) and after Sam and i get through our month long ban on cookie making, maybe i will bake a new cookie every week? maybe.
i also have 4 new sewing books to keep me busy. jess, my sister-in-law, got me this and this, and i got myself this one and that.
super excited.
so i am back. maybe not super consistent. but back. i might forget any old label of past and start brand new, who knows (not me if you were wondering)
what else, what else.
oh yes. i am pregnant. thought i'd just throw that in, for anyone not really reading.
yup. january is here.


  1. I am pregnant too!! :) Due September 21st! Glad your back!

  2. MARY!!!
    Wow, you never cease to amaze me.
    Congrats, congrats, congrats.
    And yes, Delaney just might be interested in a younger man. :)

  3. Glad you're back (online) and am so happy for your new little one a-growin'. Yeah, yeah, yeah! (you can't tell that i"m so happy for you).

  4. What! Pregnant! That's wonderful news - congratulations! That's a lot of explanation points. :)