Thursday, February 4, 2010

slowly finding my feet.

well, i'm trying. i almost grabbed my computer last night at midnight to announce how happy i was to actually be sewing. however, when i awoke 6 mere hours later and found my finished project, well- i wasn't as proud.
there is so much crazy going around here. at any minute sam and i could be in escrow on a little house/duplex that we are trying to buy. it's bank owned, and they've sent their counter offer, and we've signed in and sent it back- so as soon as they sign in, we've got 10 days to get everything we need in order- appraisals, inspections, loan in order- etc. then after those 10 days, we are kind of committed.
like committed in the way the bank says the would want to close escrow on march 19th.
yeah. that's what- 43 days away?
do you have any idea how much junk we have accumulated in 4 years of living in the same place? paint a very ugly picture in your head, succumb to the fetal position and start to cry.
nah. actually, i am looking forward to moving. looking forward to releasing some of the junk and clutter that has filled our home.
and how am i keeping myself sane with the idea of 3 tiny kids, me exhausted and sick with pregnancy and the thought of up and packing any time?
i'm remembering all the other countless things that i need to get done before i can even think of packing!
for instance- i have that baby shower to plan- and it would be best if i could get invites out (this week) and the entire shower planned, and anything needed for it (including gift) set aside and ready to go.
i also have a baby turning 1 next month. i'm not really going to do a big party, just family- and just whatever family is around. no invites- but i do want to have a cake made for him.
and that brings me to sewing projects! i need to figure out what to make for the both my soon to be 1 year old- and 2 other babies that are coming into this world. i don't think any of my friends have birthdays between now and then.
but campbell will be turning 4, and it would probably be best if i had his birthday planned out too.
so those are the things that i am going to be trying to fill my time with over the next 2 weeks. i'll let all of you know how the house thing turns out.
2 days off nail biting, and i am proud of myself!
ok, back to the 12 am sewing project- i'll charge my camera and try to take flattering pictures.


  1. Wow! You have a lot coming up! I know what you mean about accumulating junk. Right now i'm going through stuff and I can't wait to get rid of a lot of it.

  2. Since it is the early worm that gets eaten by the bird, sleep late.............................................