Monday, August 16, 2010

baby 4

everything i had hoped to sew, crocheted, or knitted (for me) for this new baby is complete and packed away neatly in this little bag, just waiting to be taken to the hospital.

and here is what's in the bag. a little baby t-shirt with a zebra that i embroidered, (that is not a patch- i made every little stitch myself) tiny little shorts for the baby to wear (in neutral muslin) a small blanket with green trim that i crocheted, and a beautiful knitted hat that my dear friend made for the new baby. although, this time it was delivered to my house. for henry she had shown up at the hospital to see her sister-in-law's new baby and i had surprised her by being there as well, and she had henry's hat in her purse.

a number 4 sewn onto the back of the shorts

and a close up shot of the zebra. my friend christina was there as we tried to determine 3 different shades of gray. it was actually difficult.

so, my hospital bag is packed, the baby's bag is ready. i need to get the other kids ready with some little bags. and we still need to find a bear for this baby. we've had bears at all the births. so.... we need a bear.


  1. you are so creative! that looks great!

  2. It was great to see these in person! You did such a great job!