Thursday, August 26, 2010

before things get really crazy

so really, i haven't been just sitting around, diddling my fingers, waiting for baby 4 to come. i have been sewing like a crazy person. i guess i figure that in just a few days my time for sewing will be thwarted by other things.
*other things: staring at new baby, holding new baby, falling in love with new baby, nursing new baby, and cuddling all my babies.
i love to sew, but nothing quite beats those precious few first days of newborn love.
but- this is what i've been sewing.

i've been trying to create a drawstring circle bottom purse. this did not turn out the way i wanted it to- at. all.
but, i LOVE this fabric. i'll probably use it, even though it isn't lined and the linen is paper thin, but still, they were scraps i had and i just can't stand cutting into new fabric.

burp clothes. its just white flannel that i sewed together, and did a little felt/fabric applique on. the duckies on the bottom is a receiving blanket that i made for the new baby. its stretchy and not flannel- its so unbelievably hot here. i know i have some amazing receiving blankets in one of my newborn bins, so after the baby is born i will send sam searching for them. i have fabric to make one more- but if i don't need it, then i'll use it for a different project.

the little white shirt that i made for baby 4 came in a 3 pack. well, i couldn't just let that go to waste. so i had fun resting on the couch and embroidering these.

any guesses?

we went up to redding last week to visit dear friends and to have family pictures taken. my wonderful friend (and great mothering encouragement) just had her 4th son and thinks (falsely i might add) that i behold some creativity in sewing. ha.ha.ha.
anyways, i have yet to create anything for her. so, as a woman living in an all boy house i thought she deserved just a little clutch style purse, something to always help remind her that girlie things are great.
i also made her a coffee sleeve, which i forgot to photograph.
i literally whipped this up the early morning hours before we left, because i wanted something else besides the coffee sleeve. i "came up" with the design myself. so the flaws are apparent. one of those- oh, i should have done it this way kind of things after you are half way through.
below are messenger style bags that i made. the blue one i really don't like. mainly because i wanted it turn out totally differently so that i could use it for a camera bag.
the green one (right below) i actually do like, but it could have used some interfacing. but that's what i get for hurrying through a project just so i can see how it will look.

this bag was my own design. and i have used it a couple of times. i sure do love this color green. a lot.

and this purse i really don't like. mainly because the tutorial was AWFUL.

there's a flap. i didn't even picture it. whoops. oh well. i'm not quite sure what i will do with this bag. it's lined with padding (you know, because i wanted it to be used for my camera) and the pockets are sewn to a specific size (for camera things) but it just did NOT work.
and did i mention the tutorial was dreadful? you know someone isn't grand at tutorials (not that i have any room to speak at all) when you mention who did it to someone and they comment, "oh yeah, so and so does terrible tutorials" you know its not just you.

i do have one more unfinished project on the ironing board. its almost done. and again, its coming from my crazy crafting brain, so i don't know how it will turn out. but i did figure out how to do a circular bottom, so i am pretty excited about that.
and today my dad is here, helping me transform some rooms.... so pictures to come from that.
oh, and did i mention that i am going to try and naturally induce labor tomorrow with some castor oil?
i guess i have a few things going on.

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