Tuesday, November 3, 2009

using up scraps

i am quite the fabric squirrel. i have this adage that says once the fabric is gone, its GONE. forever, never coming back. ever. and what if i wasted that beautiful fabric on something not worthy of it?
needless to say, i spend a lot (okay a ton) of time folding and stretching and flipping and sliding, trying to make more fabric appear out of scraps of fabric than humanly possible.
i have issues.
so as i get ready for a craft fair, oh what? did i forget to mention that i have a deluded myself into believing i have enough time that with my husband, my children, and all the Christmas gifts that i haven't yet started on (didn't i mention somewhere back in august that september was gift making time) that i have "free" time to be making things to sell.
my utter procrastination is what has me sitting on the couch, searching for good low fat crock pot recipes, waiting for sam to come home so we can watch west wing. absolutely ignoring my sewing machine (as i literally guiltily look back towards it) and the endless projects that are piling up around it.
oh, and don't even get me started on the disaster that is and always will be my house.
however. i have found a fun thing to do with some of my scraps, something that i think i can quickly make and sell at the craft fair.

these were actually made for a birthday gift for a friend (she enjoyed them) and they were fun and quick to make, and i have another idea that will make them a tad more seasonal and a little more unique.
so stay tuned, if i ever get back into a routine of sewing.

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