Sunday, November 15, 2009

you are not forgotten.

i just have been busy- very, very busy. and why wouldn't i be? see the above picture. my hands are full, my heart is full, my life is full.
and i am very blessed.
and obviously busy.
which is why i have been a little absent from my blogging world. i have been trying to get my priorities in line- not that i don't love to blog, it's just i have been trying to spend my free time getting stuff sewn for the craft fair (which really has been 50% sewing and 50% in the fetal position, rocking back and forth wondering why i signed up for this) and rest of my time has been spent with friends and my family.
and sleeping. i've been tired, and now it seems i have caught some kind of cold which pleases me not, because it has literally zapped me of my energy.
and starting tomorrow i must turn my attention to my children and my home. both of which feel in utter disarray. my children's tongues have become quite unpleasant and my inconsistency and lack of schedule with them is really paying a toll on all of us.
and we are living in a pretty big mess right now- not garbage, but not order.
with so much coming up, holidays and birthdays and- well everything else that life brings out.
there is just a lot.
so if i am absent for the next few weeks, that is why.
i do hope to check in though, with sewing pictures, children stories and any other random encouragement i might come up with.

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