Tuesday, April 6, 2010

birthday bashes.

within 9 days of each other both of my boys had birthdays. my "baby" turned one, and my other "baby" turned 4. for 9 short days i was able to say that i had a 3 year old, 2 year old, and a one year old. sometimes i don't mention that i am expecting, because when people see me with these 3 they already look like they want offer medical assistance to me. i'm afraid their minds would be blown if they realized what more i was in store for.
i tend to blog more about my kids here, but i thought a share a couple of fun birthday pictures here as well, mainly because my camera battery is dead and i haven't been able to pull other pictures off of it, and because i have been pretty consumed with life that i haven't done anything blog worthy lately.
so enjoy. i should have some Easter pictures up (including Easter-ware that i created) in as long as it takes me to find my camera battery, plug it in, charge said battery, and then upload pictures and think of clever things to say.
basically, don't hold your breath :)
waiting for cupcakes.
the birthday boy in the birthday shirt i made for him- it says H1, because his name starts with H and he turned 1, not because of the virus- just to be clear.

yeah, these were awesome.
greatly anticipating our cupcakes.

he barely stopped to breathe, that cupcake was literally inhaled!

and my 4 year old.
taking in all the set-up for his thomas party.
sadly, the only thing i made for this boy was his birthday cake (which tasted awesome). i had wanted to do green frosting all around (resembling grass) and blue in the middle (for a lake) and then do the graham cracker "bridge" over the lake. well, i couldn't find my blue food coloring, and i had done most of my frosting green, then tried to experiment and see if green and yellow mixed would make blue (it actually makes a more pooh looking color of green) so then when i tried to just make all my frosting green, i ran out of green food coloring. this is why, if you look closely, the cake is 3 colors of green. resting on the "bridge" was the only thing campbell repeatedly asked for as a present " 'arry and bert", and i thought it would be more fun to put them on his cake in as a surprise.

and it was quite the surprise!