Friday, April 23, 2010

finally found.

so i thought joking about my camera charger was just that- a joke. but it did take me quite a while to locate the trusty device that gives my camera life. unpacking is still going on, although i don't think we have any boxes in the house anymore, but we do have a bunch of stuff that needs to find homes (preferably someone else's home) besides our garage.
great news- my sewing room is all unpacked. and i actually pulled my iron and ironing board out of there closet and set them up. there is a baby shower in, oh, 18 hours? and the gift remains unmade. but its very simple (and already cut) so a about 30 dedicated minutes and it shall be complete.
technically our house is a duplex, and i have set up my sewing room in our second kitchen, which is right off of the living room on the second side (which is what sam and i use as our bedroom). the plan is to eventually have bedrooms and a playroom built into our downstairs garages (connected inside by stairs) and then sam and i will move into the old playroom and kids rooms, turning the living room (our current bedroom) and kitchen (my sewing room) into a studio apartment to rent out. and i love this idea. i love that we will have a little bit of extra income each month (even though renting the house will take awhile). and i love it- until i pull my curtain back and walk into my cozy little sewing area. and even though i know that after the shifting of rooms i still will have a sewing area (with my table up to a beautiful window that overlooks our yard) i just adore this private little space that i have created for creating.
pictures to come, when i make it a little more personable. right now it is functioning. but now for the first time ever my sewing is not apart of our day to day life, so i can make it my own.
back in time (when i made time to sew, and was currently on a book re-reading marathon) i made the following:
appliquéd trees on the backs of some old navy t-shirts
the boys were matching.
mason's easter dress
little flower topstitching
and a little felt flower appliqué.
the kids at nana and papa's with their easter loot (fyi, sam's sister filled 100 easter eggs full of candy- 100 easter eggs- for these 3.... it was awesome)
campbell hunting for eggs
i didn't get a good shot of mason in her dress, and i never will, as she grabbed a handful of olives and sent a trail of olive juice down her front, staining her pretty dress. oh well. i still enjoyed making it!


  1. Missed you blogging. I can hear your voice when you say it's on candy! Ha, ha. Love your new home and can't wait to come by more. Sewing this week? It's w/Karen and Aunt Heidi.

  2. I love knowing you have a place all to yourself! You deserve it....hope to see more creations and pictures soon!

  3. 我只知道,假如我去愛人生,那人生一定也會回愛我..............................