Wednesday, September 1, 2010

home projects.

i posted this over at my family blog: this last weekend (when baby 4 FAILED to make its appearance) we got a lot of home improvements done. and by we, i mean everyone else. i moped around and did everything humanely possible to induce labor.
oh well. you can see other rooms: here, here, here, and here.

i'm posting this over here, because i think this room is my favorite, mainly because i spend the most amount of time in it. my home-schooling/sewing room.
or i mean, the kids school room.
either way, i think this room in our house has had the most transformations. it started out being our dining room (where we still did our home-schooling)

and then the table got moved because we needed more working space, oh, and i needed to have my sewing in there as well.

well, this room was definitely working mainly as our home-schooling room and as my sewing space (because i tend to sew in spurts when the kids are busy with a project- but in my eye-sight) and the table we had was bumming me out, because it was big and taking up unnecessary space. plus, we never eat at the table all together because this room is just to tiny for that.
i imagine that after the remodel and we have the huge long rectangular table of mine and Sam's dreams that family dinner together will be a cherished thing.
but until then, this dining room is now my home-schooling room.
and my dad did a fantastic job making it feel wonderful!

yup, that's a huge chalkboard- courtesy of chalkboard paint! oh and my dad and my sister applying coats of it :)

my dad and sam's dad built this little table together. 2 shelving units which house the day to day home-schooling supplies and games and such, with a board cut for the top.

we aren't doing end of times studies- we are trying to learn to write the number 6.

ahhh, an organized closet.

i really, really, really, love this room.

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