Wednesday, September 1, 2010


so, i have this sewing book that is devoted to purses and skirts. glorious, right? it really has some wonderful ideas. and in the book i saw a picture (several pictures) of a drawstring tote bag that has a circular bottom. it. was. wonderful.
and the pattern/directions were no where to be found. and i flipped through that book many, many times.
who in there right mind puts out a sewing book just for purses and skirts and then pictures a super cool purse that they don't include a pattern for?
so. i did my best, to recreate the project. and this really looks nothing like it.

but i love it.
after realizing how much i really liked the way this bag was coming together i had to throw in some pockets. after all, the bag is really deep, and i just knew that if it didn't have pockets i wouldn't be happy.
and i am sooooo happy with this bag! i just love it.
it was pretty confusing to put it together. involving math to make the circular bottom, creating pleats where maybe there shouldn't have been pleats, and then realizing at the last minute that i couldn't attach my lining in any of the normal ways i usually attach it.
somehow, it worked.
ahhh, and now, this bag needs a name.