Tuesday, January 26, 2010

an old picture

but i remember it well.

awhile back (say October) when i was busy sewing (most likely a gift for a friend) at my kitchen table, this is what i was busy looking at.

hmm- i can recongnize the project in the machine- it was October, and it was a gift for a friend.

so as i was busy sewing my fabric cards, i turn to check on little Henry who was playing on his mat. only as you can see below- no Henry.

why look across the room when instead you can look right down behind you? the brown in the picture is my chair he's reaching for.

what's the nastiness all over the carpet? oh nothing, that was my carpet. nasty, i know. however when i was up in Oregon after Christmas my wonderful husband (with the help of his parents) steamed cleaned the carpet.
now i just need to get my vacuum back- it's been lent to a friend. would have come in handy tonight, when mason knocked my glass with her blanket to the floor and it shattered over the carpet.
oh well. i think i got it all up.


  1. Brice did the same exact thing to me. He was on his quilt on the floor with toys and I looked to find him and he was gone...but when I looked down he had come to me. Mom is good motivation for little ones. :)

  2. My favorite clean up for any spill/mess is a baby wipe. I use it on the carpet, furniture, couch, and Colin :) I swear it even picks up blackberry juice out of our beige carpet if I get to it soon enough. Your little guy is adorable.