Monday, January 25, 2010

why i'm not a blogging machine.

because i am not quite sure anyone is interested in the truly exciting life i am leading these days. my energy is completely zapped, and my house has been a constant mess. and my children are challenging me in ways that i wish they weren't. and i have zero motivation to do anything other than survive the daily tasks (diaper changes, dressing my kids, and giving them something to eat).
see- who's interested in this?
sadly, the biggest thing on my mind is watching the scale. because it's creeping up. it's worse watching it on the wii. the wii wants to know why you are gaining weight. there isn't a pregnancy option. however, i really should just select the overeating option- because that is what i am doing.
see- who is really interested in this at all?
and my kids are getting sick, again. it makes me want to scream. we all have runny noses, and i am hearing coughing.
so, the rain continues to fall, the mess continues to grow more mess, the inspiration for life continues to be non-existent, and the kids continue to be sick.
there is something going on. new little life is growing. a new person to contribute to the mess, and potentially share in runny noses, and chaos.
this is just a season. it is a kind of suckfest of a season, but it won't last forever.
and i will survive.


  1. aw i understand and this is the first time for me that i have gained weight in my first trimester - i think i have gained 9 lbs! but, my old ob who i love usually says the first trimester doesn't count, that your body is just getting to where it needs to for this baby to thrive. i keep telling myself that, since i didn't ever have to worry about that with past pregnancies. the fog will pass eventually... not sure if it has passed for me yet, but i can see the light at the end of the tunnel. :) hang in there and we like to hear from you even about the boring stuff.

  2. Vitamin D! It really does help keep a person from getting the creep and crud. I still like to read whats going on in your life. :) Especially now that you are expecting again. I had this moment last night where I thought about if I wait until it's the right time to get pregnant again it may not happen and later in life I will regret waiting for another pregnancy. Oh well. I'm not ready yet. :) As for the Wii...that really drove me nuts when I was pregnant. Wii Fit needs an option for pregnant.

  3. I'm always interested in your life. You are such a strong woman of God, so keep on keepin' on. You're right, life's not always peaches and cream. Good for you for recognizing that this is just a season, it too will pass. I'm so proud of you and I love calling you friend.

  4. Oh I am so relieved! I honestly wish you could look around my house right now. You would cringe. I do!! Morning sickness caught up with me, and the only thing that helps IS eating. Our poor husbands have to come home to this! HAHA! I wish you all the "better" feelings, and energized pregnant momma 2nd trimester blessings! This too shall pass, and for both of us... it WILL be worth it!! :) How far along are you!?