Sunday, May 16, 2010

fabric is a girls best friend

i love getting mail! real mail. where something is waiting for you in your mailbox that isn't asking for money from you. i get a lot of emails. and a lot of facebook messages. but rarely is there something awaiting me in my mail box.
so imagine my utter glee when a small package was sitting in my mailbox last night! we had just gotten home from our 4 hour drive from yosemite (post and pictures to come) and were pretty tired, but i just had to check to see if any important mail had come.
so not only was there a little package addressed to me- but it was full of the most wonderful thing: fabric!
my favorite thing about blogging is that you meet people you might not have met. i think i have said before that it has kind of become the next generation of pen pals. you are able to connect and encourage and develop friendships.
i met christina through her wonderful blog: the sometimes crafter , although that title is very underrated- this gal is always crafting. through her creativity i have found new creative wings myself.
but even more than that- i found a great friend! i love that comments on blogs turn into emails, that turn into friends giving advice, sharing stories and laughter, and encouragement.
if you haven't seen her blog, you really should- it's awesome.
oh, that's right- why am i gushing on about christina? because she was the sender of this wonderful little fabric bouquet. just because. i am super excited, so touched, and now trying to search my mind for a project that will adequately use these beautiful fabrics (i mean other than placing them all in a vase and just staring at them on my sewing table- which i will do until i use them!)
thank you, thank you so much for such a wonderful gift to me, it made my day (well it will probably make my week!).
i am so excited that in just a few short weeks we will actually get to meet in person!


  1. How fun and very sweet. Hope your little get away was good!

  2. You are so welcome! I had them picked out for you for awhile now and was just waiting for the right time to send it, I guess. ;) Surprise mail is so nice. I hope we can arrange a visit this time! Remind me again when you'll be in town...