Wednesday, May 26, 2010

the jacks are gone.

there are some people who really don't watch tv. some aren't interested in it, some don't own a tv, and some just have better things to do with their time (and believe me, i can imagine if i completely cut tv out of my life- or any electronic stimulus for that matter- i would a valley of time open to be filled), sadly i do not fall into that category. i love tv.
not all tv. i don't watch everything on the "tube" but i enjoy to relax at the end of a tired day, and since i have become a parent everyday is a tired day and i have found that sometimes sam and i can muster nothing more but than to enjoy each others company and follow some plot line along.
i grew up in a family that watched tv (and we all still do) and i have unbelievable mad skills in television trivia. seriously. i know more about tv shows that i don't watch than people will have about shows they do watch.
it comes from reading a lot of tv guide as a child, and genetics i know i inherited from my dad. he has the ability to basically place any actor/actress/director in any work that have done. i have taken that skill and added other abilities to it as well.
if they have a tv only jeopardy, well- i'd be rich. which is sad to write that i would only be rich on jeopardy based on tv knowledge, i'm definitely not "dumb" but i am not a genius.
just skilled in retaining really useless knowledge.
why a post about tv?
because something should be said about how in 2 days, 3 legendary (well in my opinion) shows ended their reign. one that was planned years ago to end in 2010, one that decided mid-season to conclude, and one that was utterly given the shaft by the stupid nbc and if i didn't find 30 rock to be so stinkin' funny i'd swear off the network completely.
LOST, 24, and law and order, are over. LOST has been said to have changed the way people see television with creative plots, characters, and just utter awesome-ness. 24 was ground-breaking in the idea of doing a show that occurred in real time and staring a chuck norris'esque character that couldn't be stopped: jack bauer. and then there's my favorite: law and order, which aired on network tv for 20 years.
3 shows, 3 main actors that ruled all by the name of jack.
i really love that name.
i have yet to watch the finales of 24 or law and order, but that will happen soon enough. i think its said as an adult to watch things end. bittersweet maybe. it's a reminder about growing up, putting a "remember when" on the beginning of sentences sam and i will start:
remember staying up till 2am watching all of day 1? (24)
remember crashing in hotel rooms on vacation, never leaving the room (not for why you think) but because the hotel had cable and tnt does law and order marathons every other day?
remember constantly battling out our lost theories hours after the show would end?
thank goodness for tv on dvd. i have good memories of these shows simply because of who i watched them with.
its weird to think that this new baby will be born in a "jack-less" world....
just kidding, i am not that weird.
well, i did just blather on an entire post about television.


  1. I didn't realize Law and Order was ending! I love that show. But I mostly watch it on re-runs. I love the TNT marathons. And there are so many Law & Order's that you can almost always find an episode of one on cable some where. I Love it. And then CSI. I guess I like law type shows. :)