Thursday, May 13, 2010

it's coming.

well maybe not today, but if i have baby #4 a week early (which is the plan) then really, its less than 15 weeks till we abandon the crazy of 3 and enter the mad world of 4 kids ages 4 and under. yikes. i am not sure which is more "yikes" worthy- the 15 weeks to go, or the 4 kids. although, newborns (my newborns) just sleep and sleep and sleep. and nurse. so really, its just working around that. i am not nearly as terrified with this baby coming as i was with switching from 2-3, i am really excited to meet this mystery baby. i am 99% sure most days what the baby is, then i start to doubt myself. i am planning on one specific sex, but will be absolutely shocked (like, are you sure that's my baby? shocked) if it comes out differently. i am pretty stinking excited about the nice 6 week break sam will take when our new baby comes. we've been saving up our starbucks stock, plus the money he'll get from the state, and it will make for a wonderful 2 months of baby-hood. we are planning on taking the family to zion national park sometime in the beginning of october (when it is apparently the best time to go). i've already told sam that we are driving super slow to get there- it will not be a drive there in one day kind of stint. we will probably stop through las vegas (where i have technically never really been) and find one of those fantastically cheap hotels (because they really want you to gamble, and let me tell you something- while in new orleans we went into a casino and i absolutely hated it, money tends to stress me out- when i am not trusting- and i just can't seem the appeal in playing a game where they take your money) and maybe do something fun with the kids.
15 weeks to go.
when i was new to blogging and pregnant with little henry i did a big weekly countdown with goals and such for each week, and quite honestly, i think it must have been very snooze worthy for the few readers i had (so snooze worthy it isn't worth posting a link to those old posts- i just put worthy/worth and posting/post in the same sentence, hmmmm) but i like having a countdown of sorts.
so instead of having many separate goals per week, i will probably just have a goal a week. or maybe just 14-15 goals- well, lets say 15 goals- here's #1: pick goals.
phew. better get started on that one. they probably won't be weekly, simply because i have the crazy notion that one will be something radical like: sew all Christmas gifts in July.
i'm not crazy. sewing all gifts in july might be crazy, but in all reality, with the amount of gifts i make- christmas is just knocking at the door.
so, that's about it- 14 "things" to accomplish, to represent what little time i have left before the baby comes. it will be really hard to just stick to 14, because already i am thinking, well how about 14 things to sew, 14 things in the house, 14 things to cook....
stop mary, stop.
and i will. because henry is crying in his bed, and mason is crying outside.
wish me luck sticking to 14 things, because seriously, the head is swimming!


  1. I love Zion! I've always wanted to stay at the lodge in the park, but it's always full. All the hotels around are so nice and I love the free tram they have all over town and the park. I really want another visit without kid so I can do all the hikes again. It's been years!