Monday, May 24, 2010

forever changing.

remember how happy i was to have a tiny little room for my sewing? that didn't last. the room is still there (currently my fabric habitat) but the practicality i had hoped that room would provide, well... it just didn't. someday a sewing room will be wonderful- when i have the opportunity to truly shut myself off for hours at a time, but honestly, right now i just don't have that. so if i "want" to sew (wanting.... hmmmm.... some days i really just want to lay on the couch, vegging, and dreaming of all the things i could create) i need to be where my children are. it's not a bad thing at all, pretty soon i'll be teaching campbell to use a seam ripper because i believe my sewing will go quicker if i don't have to constantly fix a mess-up.
i am already getting side-tracked with this post.
back to it- the original sewing space i had created has moved. one of my favorite features of our new house is the separate dining space we have created. i will be very sad when this room slowly disappears into the great room remodel we will have- but that is a future project. in this room, we eat, the kids eat (these things do occur separately at times- for sanity sake), i home-school campbell and mason, the kids color, and i craft. this room was technically a bedroom, so it has a wonderful closet that holds all of my crafting supplies and all of my home-schooling books.
at first (sorry, no pictures) our round table was in the center of the room, and we had a hollow box acting as a seat bench (this was full of my crafting supplies). however, this room is small- and having the table center made it incredibly frustrating to navigate around the room.
anyways. when sam was gone earlier this month trying to climb mt. hood (it just didn't work out) i moved my sewing machine in here (and all that goes with it, iron and ironing board) and set it up on the table, and for the second time since we've lived here: i sewed.
and that's when i realized, i have to be near my sewing machine to sew.
um... duh, but i think you get what i mean.
so, sam brought down the sewing table and pushed our round table into the corner. my ironing board is often set up in a separate corner- but when i am really having a sewing lapse (or company over) i can put it in the adjacent closet.
so know, when the kids are taking forever to eat their meal, or working on a project- i can sit close by, prepping a project, running a few stitches, or whatever else my heart desires.
it is already a wonderful fit. and already the table has evolved.
the closet
the sewing table, stage 1
stage 2: adding a little fabric flare
stage 3: getting more of the practicalities there.

my hope is to hang wonderful fabric covered bulliten boards on the wall above my sewing machine, to pin fabric and other wonderful sewing inspiration.
i have been creating, and will share soon.

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  1. Good idea! I use to have my sewing machine on the kitchen table when Brice was younger and I found I sewed more often because I was in the great room with Brice and it was right there staring at me, daring me to be creative. :)