Wednesday, March 28, 2012

after you take vitamin c

there are some days that i want to be over. just over. that would be today. and yes, i have made it to 9:25 and the day is over. almost. i'm just waiting for hot water to boil to add to my already used tea bag. hot tea, my favorite beanie (its too nice to even call it a beanie Gus), and my covers. i'm cold.
oh, i'm sick as well.
somehow, i had a super un-fun cold before i left for my trip down to california. you can ask Gus, when she came to see me up here i had zero voice. and somehow, thankfully, for my sunday-tuesday trip my cold was simply the occasional sniffle and cough.
enter today. my chest hurts from coughing. my head aches from blinking- do you even realize how often you blink? its a lot. like a lot. blinking is lame.
but, i am thankful. i am super thankful. because if i complain, i am questioning who God is, and why oh why am i sick.
i am thankful.

245) 4 sweet little faces that came running in my front door this morning.

246) a new friend who came by to help out my dad, he could probably hire himself out as a child jungle gym- cause that's what my kids thought he was. that and a train expert, and a barbie princess dresser, and a ball kicker. and a fellow believer in Christ.

247) favorite mugs with draping tea bags.

248) knowing i am not alone in this, and listening to mumford and sons remind me of that as well.

249) a chocolate milkshake on a "i'm feeling fat day".

250) my dad for bringing me the said chocolate shake and for talking with me.

251) a dad that reschedules work to help out with his sick daughter's kids.

252) two phone calls from one of my favorite women in the world.

253) remembering that He wants me to cast all my cares upon Him. and that sometimes i need to recognize being sick and be still.

254) being still in a lot of chaos.

255) vanilla rooibos.

256) not losing hope, not losing joy, but being honest in saying, its a hard day- but that is what a trial will bring- trials aren't painless- but there is joy, you just have to have it.

257) psalms 116, 117, 118, and 119.

258) proverbs 3, 4, and 5

259) well, really all of God's Word.

260) committing my ways to the Lord, leaning not on my own understanding, trusting in Him, and loving Him.

261) for the simple things the Lord has made, like how you don't ever see one duck, but two: mr. and mrs. mallard.

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