Monday, March 5, 2012

i know i could be more clever

and i know i could be more strong.

pretty much most of the first lines of my posts come from whatever is currently blaring in my ears. yes. i said blaring. yes, vera- i'm trying to quit. and yes, occasionally my ears ring... when it's fairly quiet. this is all future mary's problem. i'll let her take care of it.
i've been listening to fun. a lot. i'm not exactly off listening to my worship music, i just choose to hear what i want to hear in all music. i'm sorry if nate ruess isn't exactly writing worship music- but you know what, its about what is in my heart when i listen to it. and i know my heart.
i am so excited with this album, and so excited to go and see them live in just a few short months. this band is about to hit it: big time. so, i'd like to take 3 seconds here to point out that i have been following nate ruess for 8 years. okay, i am not just jumping on the bandwagon of a glee covered band. nope. look at my itunes- it can tell you how many times i have listened to the format and fun.
but when one of your favorites starts to make it big, and you have seen them in small clubs, and love their music. well, its pretty dang exciting.
thank the Lord for looking young, cause i will probably be as close to the front of that stage as possible. and i will probably jump up and down. and i will probably try to get on stage.
and i will embarrass the pants off my brothers and their girlfriends.
i'm a 5th wheel.
but that's ok. i've got joy. i've got Him. He's got me. i've got simple little pleasures every day.
like today. i took my big boy out on a date. sure i kissed him, and he wiped it off. but i won't dwell on that. i'll remember how big he was, how polite and kind. how when i took him to the coffee place and introduced him to my buddy derek, he shook derek's hand and this was their conversation:
c: oh hi, i'm campbell, i am my mom's oldest son, what is your name.
d: hi campbell, i'm derek.
c: oh, you know, in thomas' the trains misty island adventure there is a diesel named derek, i have him at home.

then later, after campbell had his hot chocolate, he stands up at the bar and says, "derek, this hot chocolate is very delicious, thank you for making it."

when did my baby turn into such a boy? such a joy in my life, as we get to sit and talk and spend special one on one time together. its been quite awhile since it was just the two of us.
and i'm thankful.

214) for my dad, he's watching bambi with my big kids, and he watched three of them so i was able to get some one on one time with campbell.

215) more thankfulness for my dad- he makes my coffee in the morning. and he texts me to tell me its ready. its fairly awesome.

216) did i mention he makes my bed? yes, i am spoiled.

217) starting the day with dark clouds and rain and driving home this afternoon to beautiful blue skies and the sun shinning.

218) for driving such an awesome vehicle that when you go run errands with your son for an hour and come back to your parking spot and find the side door wide open you finally realize, no one wants this thing.

219) thankful no one realizes how stinkin' expensive car seats are.

220) serena. yesterday i was all up in my head, and she sent me scripture and than kicked my butt outside to run and listen to my music. this advice was taken, and would have come better before the 1/2 donut i had eaten.

221) sore thighs. i didn't realize that i had muscle there that could be sore. this pleases me. because it reminds me of the Lord, and what He is doing in me, my heart, my life, my usefulness to Him- He is working me in areas i didn't know that i had.

222) pretty pink fingernails.

223) playing beauty shop with my girl, telling her no, she couldn't paint mine, and then realizing, i should have just let her paint mine, cause i'm going to have to tell people that i didn't do this shabby job.

224) the sweet smell of corn bread, and the great memories of my dear friend kecia.

225) iMessage: how wonderful it is to be able to stay in touch with the gals i love.

226) the amazing race. i'm sorry, but i am thankful that my favorite show comes on at a time when i need it.

227) church yesterday, arriving late, sitting in the front row, and having the pastor say "some of you have arrived with big trials today" really? am i that transparent? terrific.

228) tortilla soup. and the memories of monday nights. and couples that i dearly love. and miss.


  1. i know campbell is a bit older than moses, but they should really get together. they would have a lot to talk about (i.s. misty island rescue)

  2. Love that you got to spend time alone with Campbell and that you are finally being spoiled like you should be!