Tuesday, September 22, 2009

5 days behind.

that's kind of how i feel, like i am 5 days behind in everything in my life. every day for the past months i have gradually gotten behind in minutes, then it turned to hours, and now somehow days. i am not quite sure when i will catch up, if i catch up at all. its like i am playing the game with the 3 cups and the little ball- someone moves the cups with the hidden ball, and for the first couple of tries i find the ball instantly, then the guy starts going faster. and faster. and faster. until somehow the cups are all a blur, and i seriously doubt the existence of any white ball.
and the truly funny thing is that i continue to add cups to the game.
i'm really working on a tilted scale though. how can i really truly catch up when i am constantly engaged in the lives of three little people? they can't stop needing to be fed, wanting to be played with, looking for a hug, and requiring of structure and discipline.
if only i wasn't so dog tired, and for no reason- i have been getting sleep.
maybe to much sleep?
the carousal of my life is going up and down and round and round.
but God is good.

the best part of my day. the hardest part of my day.


  1. It's a hard balance, and probably when you've got it figured it'll change (again). I feel divided....get stuff done/keep consistency with/for my kids/play/and all the things to do during the day somewhere in there. I love this picture....you have a beautiful family! Keeping enjoying them and your fun/crazy life.

  2. You always seem to find a wonderful balance. Your an inspriation to me and I'm sure to many others.

  3. i love the way you described it - minutes, then hours, then days... yikes! i am so in the same boat.