Wednesday, September 16, 2009

my daily dose of sanity.

i have my first latte between 10 and 10:30 am (this is of course after morning coffee). this latte serves both as fuel after my 9 am workout, and calm relaxation.

i have my second latte most days anywhere between 2-4pm. i have recently begun adding one bar of dark chocolate to this afternoon snack.
top it all off with a pretty latte mug in my most favorite color (i have this color everywhere in our home) and i have a little piece of comfort.
which it really is just comfort (well and good sense- nonfat milk is awesome for diet and weight loss) seeing that the steamed milk makes me sleepy despite the caffeine.

what do you do for a little dose or two of sanity?


  1. My sanity includes many cups of coffee in the morning, one dove dark chocolate promise after lunch, and a skinny cow after the little bug goes down at night. yummy!

  2. Workout before they are up (most days), coffee and a bit of catch up on my blog reading or facebook life, and then it's on to cute kids and dirty diapers as we all know. I don't have any other food treats besides black coffee right now, but dark chocolate will come into play in a few weeks. Oh, and I do go to our local grocery store alone for an hour, that's my hour off a week that I love. Mary, you're so fun and I was encouraged with our last face to face visit!

  3. Coffe Coffe coffe an reading your blogs:)