Saturday, September 26, 2009

a different kind of saturday.

Today just feels like a weekday, not a weekend. Sam works most weekends, so we usually do more relaxing things on his days off during the week. But most Friday nights, his parents take Campbell and Mason over night, and I have (usually) a very laid back Saturday morning. However, this weekend his parents are taking a much needed weekend away to Fort Bragg, so I had my children all to myself today.
Which has been wonderful. I know, what a shock, right? How can I be blogging about my children without descriptive words such as: terrible, crazy, monstrous, will i survive, driving them to Nebraska, and other colorful words?
But no, by God's grace (and a lot of praying) we are having a really nice day.
Why? Because this week was absolute crazed. We had something going on every day this week, and today is the first time we have been able to get back on routine.
And my children LOVE routine.
Now mind you, nothing is done. From where I blog I can see a dirty kitchen full of last night's dinner dishes combined with breakfast and lunch from today. Behind me is an tremendous "island of Sodor" that Campbell and I put together this morning (its an epic train track, which takes me awhile to make- because i want every track to have a purposeful place its going- but it keeps Campbell busy for hours) and in the back bedrooms is one sleeping Mason (who i may have just heard) and one not sleeping Henry (he has a cold, and just needs to take a quiet break).
But even with nothing noticeable done, i know what has been done:
1) fun with Campbell- a great track built.
2) prayerful discipline all morning (i haven't lost my cool once- and i sure have wanted too)
3) home-schooling done (yes, on a Saturday, but we slacked all week)
4) and several posts set up on my other blog for our family.
And then there is me. Its hotter than heck still, I'm cooking an artichoke which absolutely heats up the kitchen, but there is a nice quiet rest to my usually overcrowded loud brain.
I'm always searching for new ways to be productive and new ways to be useful, and trying to find time and a way to produce all the ideas that come that most days I find myself stranded in a sinking ship of despair.
I'm kind of sick of that.
If my ideas go on hold for a bit and things don't get done the way I want, it's ok.
It's OK.
Trying to remember what matters. Keeping my eyes upward, not focused on what's behind, remembering what i can do, not what i haven't done.
and remembering why i do it all.

of course i'm doing this for more than just Mason, its just that i have invited my sister-in-law Jess to my little blog here (hi Jess!) and i told her i'd take a pic of me and mason wearing these matchy yellow tops. thanks Jess for the cute dress for Mason, she is going to get a lot of use out of it.
anyways, i am off to eat my artichoke, comfort my crying baby, clean the kitchen, make some tea (i'm getting a cold too), sit in front of the ac, pray for all i have to be thankful for, and probably post some more- i've got some sewing to share.
and a nightmare story that will hopefully teach us all a valuable lesson.
wait for it.


  1. Hi Mary! LOVE THE PICTURE! You ladies are soo cute! And thanks for the invite to the blog - so fun!

  2. This is so sweet, I Love the mommy/daughter outfits! And hi to Jess, too! Love your sweet family and your blogs! Will wait for your next story.

  3. Love the matching outfits! Love that you enjoyed your weekend!