Monday, September 7, 2009

still around.

i'm not quite sure how to say i've been busy, without having anything tangible to show. well, i guess that's not entirely true. i finished another little bag for jess, made the most uneven burp clothes ever (in my defense, i whipped them up in ninja style in about 30 minutes while the meal i was taking to the new mama was cooking), and have been attempting to organize new home-school materials, plus a huge mess of fabric.
and i had a wonderful time with jess (my sil- sam's abbreviation for sister-in-law). my train ride was peaceful, and i had such a blast shopping with jess. i love to shop. i believe i mentioned in a previous post that i am not buying fabric this month (which i have held strong to) there was an additional rule that we wouldn't be shopping at target either.
that lasted 10 days.
but hey, we made it 10 days. we probably could have done more damage in those 10 days.
so with jess, we made a fun jaunt to her local outlet mall (she lives in los altos) and i found some fun new skirts (which i will wear ever day left of our miserable summer heat) and the greatest new pair of jeans, a really fun dress from good old target clearance.

if you've been to target at all this summer, you'll recognize the fabric above. i love this dress. nothing better than 6 dollars for a dress. the wild plaid colors helps to mask hand prints and food sharing by my toddlers.
not much else to share this early morning, except for two little tid-bits.
1) yesterday i used my "salon" shampoo and conditioner as opposed to the stuff i had bought from trader joes. not sure if anyone else can second this, but what a difference. curls, curls, curls. i can definitively see the difference, and it is worth every penny.
2) i felt absolutely beautiful yesterday. not because of my new dress, or my curly hair. but because after i had gotten dressed, i was fidgeting around in the kitchen and campbell came up to me, wrapped his arms around my legs and said, "oh mama, you are so pretty".
be still my tired heart.

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  1. ah, i love it. that is the best compliment ever.