Wednesday, September 2, 2009

the best way to travel

...Is really without kids. Just kidding. I'm posting via blackberry (even though Sam did pack up my laptop, I opted to leave it) while perched comftorably in the blue cushioned seat of my Amtrak train coach.
Henry and I are playing a little hooky. Last Christmas my sister-in-law got me a gift certificate so that I could come down and see her.
I love riding the train.
Probably love it the most because I absolutley hate to drive.
Wait a second? Didn't you just drive all 3 of your kids up to Washington by yourself?
Yes, yes I did. But in my mind 12 hours strapped into their carseats appeals way more to me than 20 plus hours loose in the train- and WAY more than a short 90 minutes trapped in an airplanne.
I've never calculated how long by boat.
But I love the train. The free mental release from all responsibility. What shall I do? Read? Journal? Make lists? Sleep?
Clearly I am blogging.
There is a mess of a mess (think about that-my home mess has given birth to baby messes) waiting for me when I return.
Sam had to literally drag me out of the house as thinking about leaving such a castrophe made me nuts.
More than nuts, I threw a tantrum searching for a missing binky that made Campbell's tantrums look like calm obedience.
Not my finest moment.
But I believe the break from my tiny cove of responsibility will do me a world of good.
Not sure what the next 48 hours will hold, but a tiny break from my lovely children (except for Henry who is strapped in the Sleepy Wrap) will be peaceful.
And my sis-in-law is a lot of fun!!!
*i don't know how to spell check from my phone. Sorry for any errors.

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  1. i'm just impressed that you figured out how to blog via phone...while on a train...with a baby strapped to you. you truly are a super mama!!