Monday, September 21, 2009

small creations.

i've done a little sewing over the past few weeks. finished a couple of projects that needed to be done, made a couple of gifts for people. considering it is national sewing month, i do believe that i have acknowledged it quite well on my end. however, i did have lofty goals to have all of my christmas gift making done this month.
i know i am crazy.
and no, i haven't started one thing.
but i still have, oh 9 days-right?
yeah. right.
despite the fact that i have not gotten to christmas quite yet, here are my finished projects:

one tired model, and yes she was participating in some coffee table diving.

receiving blanket and burp cloths

this is a little apple embroidered on the receiving blanket,
the two burp cloths are tucked behind it

and here's a little alligator tied on, this is a baby shower gift.

a crochet hook roll

this is a busy week, my friend becky has a birthday on tuesday (same day as the baby shower) and our friend katie has a birthday on wednesday. the crochet hook holder is for katie, she gives all of us beautiful blankets that she crochets. i thought she might enjoy having something fun to put her hooks in.
everyone will have to wait till tomorrow to see my creation for becky, we are celebrating her birthday tonight...


  1. Love the skirt for Mason! Very impressed with all your makings:) Love you

  2. Oh, love the blue ribbon you used for Mason's skirt. Katie's crochet hook holder is gorgeous!

  3. haha - national sewing month...and this is probably the month I sew the least! :)