Tuesday, March 30, 2010


we've moved. 94% of the house is together. the garage is a nightmare, and anyone who didn't know where something went put it in what will be my sewing room. awesome.
we won't have internet till the 1st. so, you'll hear more from me then....


  1. I need to get baking my chocolate flourless cake, right! House warming gift! I"m sure you're busy...maybe a yummy meal of sorts,too? I am looking forward to seeing your house, maybe on a sunny day I can come and watch the kids outside and let you unpack (make your sewing room available to you).

  2. Ahk! No Mary until the 1st! :) So glad you are almost moved in. I know your pain these last few weeks, although we have been paring down BIG time. That's always fun. Make sure your craft room becomes priority one! ;)