Thursday, March 25, 2010

fixing a problem.

for mason's birthday (back in december) i had wanted to make her a birthday dress. i made her a cute one for her 1st birthday that she can actually still where today. and since i had made one for her first birthday, i just couldn't allow myself to break with tradition. so i found this pattern and decided it would be perfect! easy to layer, and would last longer as a shirt too. great.
now, i am not sure if i have told this story online already, so if i have, i am sorry to repeat myself. so i received my pattern, cut out the fabric and got ready to go (i should mention said sewing took place on december 24th- mason's birthday is on the 27th) and i literally had everything but the arms done with this dress when i realized just how easy it was. i had bought this red dress from old navy for mason to use as her christmas dress, and realized- hey, i have a lot of red fabric lying around (and nothing but free time... ha... ha... ha..) so why don't i stop working on the birthday dress and quickly make her a christmas dress, and save the 10 bucks?

it should be mentioned here, that one should never assume a pattern is easy until you have FINISHED the dress.
because there i sat, in tears, at my sewing machine with mason's almost finished red christmas dress and i had of course fumbled the sleeves (on both) and couldn't figure out how to get the elastic in the casings.
well sam convinced me to go to bed around 12:30 am (merry christmas) and i simply folded exposed edge over and hemmed it up. leaving mason with these horrid wings. i just hated it.
well, seeing that i have nothing but time on my hands these days (right, i'm not moving or nothing) i decided that it was time to fix this problem.
elastic thread i love you. i got my first taste working with elastic thread when i did this free dress from heather ross. i just loved what it did to the fabric and how easy it was to use.
so i threw (i mean, winded) some elastic thread in my bobbin and put the horrible winged sleeve under my needle, and.....
before- the sleeve is supposed to be closed with elastic, just like the neckline
the pictures really don't show how horrible they flapped around
after: beautiful shirred sleeves!
i am quite proud of myself, i have to admit.

and here is ms. mason in her birthday dress just a few days ago. see how perfect the sleeves fit on her? do you like the rest of her ensemble? she needs her wings for flying, not sure why the lei is being worn like she has arrows on her back, and yes- that is her stick. she is quite the character.

more past sewing things to come.... my little outlet from the mess i have in my home.

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  1. Wow, that really was an absolutely PERFECT fix!!!