Friday, March 26, 2010


i am not good at seeing something for other than what it is. i have several friends who can brilliantly take something old and recreate magic. not me.
however. i did do something (nothing original mind you) the other day. i had this outgrown sweater (really cute sweater, but why is it outlet clothes sometimes don't fit the way they should after a couple of uses?) that was just lying around needing a new home. well, instead of tossing it in a pile for thrifting, i decided to be thrifty with it.
said sweater- but it was a little longer (i took pictures after i started the project, but you get the idea)

these little "baby legs" were the arms of my sweater. they were TOO long, and do not stay on henry's legs at all. this was not the greatest achievement of my project. i threw them in my finish later box- i think after cutting off some of the length and adding some elastic in the top will help them stay put.
and now, for what i am super proud of:
a little baby hat.

just how cute is this baby? that is not a shameful plug for starbucks in the back- remember we are moving!
this was so stinkin' easy. i grabbed a hat of campbell's that i love, laid it on the sweater- the bottom lining up with the bottom of the sweater, and cut 2 equal panels. pinned the sides and top right sides together- sewed...a 1/2 inch seam allowance? actually, probably 3/8, because that's the edge of the presser foot, and helps me stay somewhat straight. flipped it right side out, and tied 2 little pieces of ribbon at the top. when i make this hat again (because i cut out pieces for a smaller version) i will probably sew the ribbon on before i tie it on- just to make it extra secure.
now only if henry like to wear hats. it was hard enough getting the picture taken.

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