Saturday, March 13, 2010

my only hobby.

i have a very wise friend who once told me that parenting is her greatest hobby. with 6 kids spanning 2 years apart i would say that is a fair thing to say. i have a lot of friends who i can call on for questions about many things whether it be sewing, cooking, cleaning/organizing, or just looking for someone to vent. and most of these friends i do tag in for venting and questions and the basic "why God?" of life when it comes to my children.
but when i want the ultimate conviction of someone who really knows her stuff, i tend to pick up the phone and call her. and i am encouraged. i am uplifted, and i am reminded to bring what i have back to the Lord.
her comment of parenting being her greatest hobby made me stop and think. i know ( I KNOW) that i overload my life with way to many things. i am usually always planning some sort of baby shower or birthday celebration for someone (2 on the horizon for the next 2 weeks). i usually have multiple sewing and or craft projects going on (oh, about 10?) not to mention my desire to learn new recipes in the kitchen, or bake up something delicious, or fly through a book (i really have to limit my reading, because when i start something i usually stop everything else), the constant (never ending) attempt to re-organize different aspects of my home and life (whether it be full on furniture moving, or just closet restructuring) and then of course: friends, family, my children.
the greatest hobby of my life? mastering the balance act.
and i don't really like that.
sam (my husband for new readers) asked me the other day if i could pick any time in life to live in when would it be.
my answer? whenever Little House on the Prairie took place. when really, the things that i truly love: my husband, my children, my home, and the small tasks of creating would be my primary focus.
but how is that any different than now? other than the added convenience of electricity and the internet (and many other wonderful things. wouldn't i still be doing all the other things that i am doing now?
so i would come back to balancing everything. i sometimes wish i wasn't interested in anything. that i didn't add on any extras- but wouldn't i be terribly bored? isn't part of who i am, what interests me and motivates me?
but. i need to make sure that what interests me and motivates me is first: serving my Lord.
and when i try and think of all the things that interest me, the things that i love and how i can apply them to serving the Lord, i realize that nothing needs to be perfect (because i am so far from perfect)but that everything stems from my hearts attitude, and that right now- in the season that I am living in (or stuck in as it feels most of the time)the best that i can do, is try (or just do) and be an example of God's love.
so much easier said that done.
or typed than done.
i am trying to re-read those words and let them sink in.
for now, a second cup of coffee, a few minutes with my Bible, a desperate prayer for patience, and then the attempt to tackle all the things i should be tackling.
like loving my children.

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