Saturday, March 20, 2010

westin. part 2.

nothing terribly glamorous in the gifts that i made for little westin. although, the one gift not pictured (a small little car seat blanket- that i just finished for henry, and by the way i HATE sewing with that silky soft fabric) was the one thing sierra picked up and went, "oh you made him a night night!" which is funny (for those of you who aren't laughing) because all of my kids have a special night night (well they each have 2) and the older 2 are insanely co-dependent on these blankets- i think they put linus to shame.

little booties out of amy butler's sewing book.... i think little stitches for little ones? i'm a bit to lazy to look for a link, or to even check out the actual title.
a set of burp cloths. they aren't to long or wide (they are folded here) but 2 of them have ribbon on the front, and i appliquéd those words on in felt. why moo? cause remember, i went a little nutty with the cow theme.

and a little diaper/wipes pouch. no, the W isn't for "wipes" its for his name, but i guess it works either way. i absolutely love this fabric, the little cowboys are so cute.
i was absolutely mortified as a woman at the shower jumped from her seat to examine each of these gifts slowly. word to the wise- my sewing gifts are really better appreciated at a glance. a far glance.
far. like in the pictures of blogging world.
sewing has been a fun little outlet lately (even though these were sewn 2 weeks ago) so get ready for a mix of "i hate the process of packing" and sewing posts.


  1. What lovely gifts, and you should be proud of all that you did for little Westin. Remember, most won't see our imperfections that we see. I learned this doing wedding cakes, but I think it goes into all areas of life. If we don't point it out, they won't see it. Great job!

  2. i think you are amazing and would love to be a recipient of your gifts someday. you are so creative mary! seriously.

  3. 寂寞又無聊 看到你的BLOG 加油喔!!.........................