Sunday, March 14, 2010


sewing and baby showers. two things i have been doing a lot of lately. mostly i have been sewing for the baby showers, but i also did make myself a top (pictures to come... um.... later).

sam's cousin sierra is having her first baby (a little boy) and i was quite excited that someone else who joins us for family dinner once a week would be sharing in the "joys" of wrangling a child with all of us.

sierra is doing a farm theme in baby westin's room, and she made the mistake of saying cow to me.... well, i took the cow theme and kind of had to run with it! the banner was the last thing i made (the morning of the shower) because i had made my cow squares (sewn right sides together with black felt) and discovered that the black felt letters i had carefully cut out looked pretty terrible next to the cow print (which took 3 separate fabric stores to find). sam suggested teal, but i had some green felt (for another project) and i really liked the way it popped.

it was a dessert shower, i provided some "cow cupcakes" and brought milk. i loved that since it's Easter time i was able to find green grass- and little farm animals at the dollar store. the plates, napkins, and cups were all black and white.
more farm animals, and a sweet little cow for baby westin.

and balloons! green, black, white (coincidentally the 3 colors i ended up wearing to the shower, i am quite the dork) hung around the shower to tie in all the elements.

the shower was a lot of fun, i left with a nice sugar high. and have since nibbled on one to many leftover cupcakes. tomorrow i'll share 3 of the 4 little gifts i made for westin (i forgot to photograph gift number 4- but i'm making the exact same one- with the same fabric- for henry's first birthday, so you will see it then!).

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  1. you remind me so much of my sister. i am sure i have said that before, but the whole throwing showers and homemade decorations that are part of the gift reminds me again. good job!