Tuesday, March 10, 2009

an almost midweek assessment

i have 18 days till my due date.  18 days.  i wish it were more like 18 hours.  however, i technically still have awhile before i can start crawling at the walls. technically.  i started crawling at the walls about 3 weeks ago.  yup.

however, life keeps handing more time consuming projects to do.  here is what i'm hoping to do this week:

 week 3

make Mason's Easter skirt
make my Wrap Skirt
make picture hanging for Campbell
start Gaia's birthday gift
pack hospital bag
start Campbell's Easter pants
added from last week:
make Henry's booties
follow up with healthy families
work a little on Jana's baby gift (if there is time)
maybe work a little on the window frame

now i have made some progress on some of these items, but why would i give away my progress early- i'm drawing out the anticipation for myself.

but what do i need to add? what other things are quickly flying into my mind and must be written down before i forget? the following:

apparently i need to fill out a re certification for my own medi-cal benefits.  this is absolutely ridiculous.  you aren't supposed to need to recert for a year, and i haven't had my benefits a year.  so now i have to gather all the information and get it down? what? awesome.

pack a bag for my kids.  not sure how i forgot about this.

make a list of all the things my kids need, but can't be waiting in the bag (plus location of where those things are )

instructions on how to wash my cloth diapers (because they can't just be sitting in the bucket for days while i am at the hospital)

make a list of what i need for the hospital that i can't keep packed (aka my fan and our camera)

make a phone list of who needs to be called when i am having the baby... i'm giving it to you Serena, but just to call when i go to the hospital- and i'll put little notes next to the names so you can tell so and so to call these 3 people- etc.  that way it isn't all on one person.

make a gift for another person- another friend's child is turning one this month, and i forgot.

i think i may cancel Campbell's party.  i've only told one person.  i'm just getting tired.  i don't know what to do.  i could do it in May, he won't know.  he won't know if i don't do it all.
so maybe i will just do it next week, but only with the one invited guest (you know who you are).  all i want are balloons and cupcakes and the fun sparkle in his eye.
don't i get one more year before he knows what is going on? and then when he realizes that i need to do it for his brother and sister?

i need to make some burp cloths for little Henry.
Not a lot, but some.

i found this great kitty fabric in my stash, and now i want to make mason a little dress out of it, and a matching little kitty stuffed animal for Easter.... when to do this...

and flash cards- i need to make Campbell some matching sight word flash cards and then make him so rhyming word flash cards...

those last 3 were added here at 2 am...
well, i think that's about it.  still feels like i am forgetting some things.  guess it doesn't matter.  i have officially become unmotivated.  

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  1. Isn't it funny the closer we get to having baby, the longer the to do list gets.