Thursday, March 5, 2009

when did i learn this?

irony is found in this short little story.

tonight while searching through home-schooling worksheets for my son, i found a little vocab sheet that mentions when to use "a" and "an".

well, i was simply blown away, because i never realized there was a rule.  i just figured i always used it incorrectly.

the rule is:
its "a" when it is used before a consonant.
its "an" when it is used before a vowel.

and the sky opened up and sun shined down on my keyboard.

apparently i am the last person in the world to learn this.
campbell probably already knows.
so glad, i learn a great rule that everyone knows while researching the things i will be home-schooling my child. so glad.
my husband informed me that i do speak correctly.  however, when you only have young children to talk to all day i highly doubt that.
oh well. i am sure this was taught to me while i was reading a book not paying attention.  apparently i had the foresight to know that i would live my adult days in a time where microsoft word has my bad grammar back.

hmmm. well i find irony.

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  1. Man it feels good that I knew that before you! Your very silly