Tuesday, March 3, 2009

a little project

i do wish this had been on my list of things to do because i would get great joy in proudly marking it off the list.  i think i have said before that items continue to get added, even though only mentally added.  a little boy in mine (and Campbell's) Sunday School class has a birthday in just a few weeks (turning 3 just a few days before Campbell does), and i have it on good authority that Campbell has been added to the list of birthday guests.  i knew a fun and practical gift would be coloring books, coloring pencils and some paint.  however, i wanted to do something handmade as well.
here is what i did:

the lines on the outside pocket (the little slots for the colored pencils) are by no means straight, but i am assuming a three year old won't care.  however i do want to make a straighter one the next time i attempt this little project again.  also, i realized that after i had made and sewn the pocket onto the tote that the pocket was WAY to long (the colored pencils disappeared).
so i grabbed my trusty and all to used seam ripper and i pulled out the bottom part of the pocket, cut it off and then zig zagged the remainder of the pocket.
not the cleanest looking project, but i like it. especially the fun cars and trucks fabric.

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