Saturday, March 7, 2009

Down to 3

Somehow i am looking at 3 weeks to go.  And now i am starting to freak out, internally at least.  labor and pain and recovery.  making sure the other 2 kids are happy while i'm in the hospital (having there stuff ready for them), trying to have this house somewhat clean.  oh, how my mind begins to reel.  nursing again, recovering from labor, sleepless nights, and the shocking adjustment of a new baby when i still have a baby.

i kinda want to sit and hide under a blanket.  oh man.


well lets pretend to recap what i got done this week:


week 4

put up pictures- **DONE there are new pictures hanging in our hallway! it only took 14 months, but there are finally pictures hanging of Mason.  Campbell likes looking at the new pictures.

finish picture window with frames- ha, this didn't even get started.  well, it kinda did. i bought some paper for backing the frame, and then i did upload pictures that i want to print out for the frame, but i still need to order them.  so this was kinda started, but i'm moving it a low priority of sorts. i just realized that the paper i bought is a little short of the window frames, so i'll have to improvise what i want to do.

make Campbell's backpack ** DONE! i will post pictures on it later.  i am pretty happy with it, however with the pattern, the picture in the book made it look so much bigger than it turned out.  so if i ever decide to do this project again, i will have to make my measurements much bigger.

finish Henry's hospital bag ** DONE!

start Jana's baby gift- this is another one that may move to a lower priority.  Jana's baby isn't due until June 23 and i am guessing i'll be up to sewing more in May, so i may need to shift this on the list. however, i have bought the fabric for the project, and traced the pattern for 2 parts of it (and i know what i am making, so that is half the battle)

follow up with healthy families-i didn't even bother to call.  i was hoping to get something in the mail from them, but alas- i did not.

finish pictures in kids room- i don't remember what this means, i did change some pictures in the room, so i think i would call this one **DONE!

do top shelf frames** DONE! I painted picture frames and put 2 new pictures in 2 of the frames, i am waiting for one more picture (henry's)

added from last week:

finish Meaghen's baby gift** DONE! i will take pictures of the finished blanket.  i did drop 2 projects from the list, but i have 4 bought things for her, and i did make 3 semi pretty things for her.

finish Kris's birthday gift** DONE! i will take pictures of her finished gift.  i am not thrilled with the second part of her gift, i really wish i could sew a tad straighter, but apparently i cannot.

Henry's booties- i have all the fabric i need for the booties, and i have cut out 1/3 of the project.

hang other item** DONE!

register at hospital** DONE!

plan my big boys birthday party! **DONE! but there are still things that need to be done in prep for it.  however, i realized i just want to have a quiet little lunch party for him.  however, i want balloons, streamers, and other decorations all set up for him.  i want to make him a special little lunch and cupcakes, and make sure he knows just how special i want his day to be.

 week 3

make Mason's Easter skirt
make my Wrap Skirt
make picture hanging for Campbell
start Gaia's birthday gift
pack hospital bag
start Campbell's Easter pants
added from last week:
make Henry's booties
follow up with healthy families
work a little on Jana's baby gift (if there is time)
maybe work a little on the window frame

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