Friday, March 13, 2009

friday five

1) Why are children’s books not consistently illustrated correctly?  When the author describes something in their words and there is not a picture that correlates to that affect, a 2 ½ year old is quite confused.  And frustrated.  Which makes for a frustrated mother.

2) The stupid things I do.  Why do you try and try to pry a box out of a lid (I slipped a box into the lid, and the lid would not come off) before you check to see if maybe the lid is actually on your piano, and the box is just pretty, and not actually stuck inside your lid.

3) Why do people put corn in so many things?  It’s an unpleasant surprise, and really hard to pick out.  Its especially bothersome when its swimming buddy in food is chopped up onions. 

4) Bad things come in threes.  Last night in a matter of moments, I realized 1) I had grabbed the leftover salad from dinner- not my wonderful cheesecake 2) after realizing this my eyes were drawn to a strange thing moving on our chair in our living room- a new kind of strange bug 3) after noticing the new bug on the back of the chair, my eyes then next go to the HUGE crouching spider on our wall. 

5) Watching your child run at you from across a gymnastic floor with their eyes open wide and huge silly grins on their faces is one of the greatest things in the world.  

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