Tuesday, March 17, 2009

new finds

usually i will not spend more than 3.48 on clearance items.  i try hard to stay under that price range.  however, 2 things got me to deviate from my usual price limit and spend (wait for it) 6.48 on one item!
1) i had been watching this little brown dress for months! wishing and waiting for it to go clearance.  and then here it was, hanging in the clearance section- with only 2 other buddies (they had gone fast!) now, it was only in size 18 months ( i would have preferred to buy 2T or 3T). 
2) i didn't know if the size would work seasonally, but i just loved this dress, and realized that it could be worn as a tunic style top later.  it was originally 9.99 down to 6.48, not a slamming steal... but i realized that it could be worn for longer... on my short little gal, and then handed down to another little one we borrow clothes from.
so without further adieu:
sorry there isn't a better picture, mason wasn't so on board for modeling.  and yes, she has a little cut on her eye- poor baby.  that was the result of sam trying to get her dressed while she was on the run.
anyways- i just love the little tulips! and i love love love brown! see how long this is on mason? all the way to the floor.  she'll be wearing this for a long time! i am so happy that i bought it, that i went ahead and spent almost 7 dollars.

my real steal were these little pants:

i just love the little tulips (obviously) and these little pants were only 2.48.  again, i debated- because we are moving into the summer months (eventually, well i guess in 4 months) and mason is still so tiny (these are an 18 months size and i rolled them up at the bottom) so she can wear them for the rest of spring, and then if they stay comfy in the waist, i can turn them into shorts.... maybe...
the place for my new finds? target of course!

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