Sunday, March 15, 2009

two weeks and counting

yippee 2 weeks to go!

yippee 2 weeks to go!

yippee and yikes! i have such mixed emotion. i don't feel ready for anything most days, the house is a disaster, i'm on the couch exhausted, sewing projects are strewn all over the house.

but then i don't care.  i don't want to spend time cleaning, because it will still be such a mess regardless, because i just don't see how it will possibly be perfectly prepared for when henry comes.

i'm hoping nesting will actually happen (not just the mental nesting i having racing through my mind)


but here's my 3 week recap:

make Mason's Easter skirt**Done! and this is actually an Easter dress.  As soon as i have a room with great light, i will be posting pictures.

make my Wrap Skirt** DONE! this is finished as well! 

make picture hanging for Campbell- not started, i might need Sam's help.

start Gaia's birthday gift-  i printed off the instructions for part of the gift and found the fabric I will use.

pack hospital bag- started this! Finally.  I need to wash a couple of items, but it is almost done.

start Campbell's Easter pants- washed the fabric for this and cut out the pants- this should sew up quickly.

added from last week:

make Henry's booties** Done! whoo hoo!

follow up with healthy families- almost done, i did call, and i have the paperwork i now need, i just need to call and get a fax number.

work a little on Jana's baby gift (if there is time)- i traced this pattern, and washed and dried part of the fabric, and cut out 1/3 of the gift.

maybe work a little on the window frame- this just isn't going to get done.

filling out my medi-cal recert package- thought about it.

 pack a bag for my kids.  not sure how i forgot about this.- **Done (ish) there are a few things that will need to get added to the bag on the day the kids leave (but that is in the little list I have made)

 make a list of all the things my kids need, but can't be waiting in the bag (plus location of where those things are )- did this, but need to print it out and put in by the front door.

 instructions on how to wash my cloth diapers (because they can't just be sitting in the bucket for days while i am at the hospital)- did this, need to print it out and tape it to the wash machine

 make a list of what i need for the hospital that i can't keep packed (aka my fan and our camera) I need to just put a little post note by the door- I only need my fan, camera and chapstick.

 make a phone list of who needs to be called when i am having the baby... i'm giving it to you Serena, but just to call when i go to the hospital- and i'll put little notes next to the names so you can tell so and so to call these 3 people- etc.  that way it isn't all on one person.- done and emailed to Serena! Thanks!

 make a gift for another person- another friend's child is turning one this month, and i forgot.-i pulled out the fabric, and know what i am going to do.

 Campbell's party:  we are postponing this until May.

 i need to make some burp cloths for little Henry.

Not a lot, but some. - made one and will make a couple more, and got some beautiful green flannel ones from Serena- thank you!!!

 i found this great kitty fabric in my stash, and now i want to make mason a little dress out of it, and a matching little kitty stuffed animal for Easter.... when to do this... still just a dream.

 and flash cards- i need to make Campbell some matching sight word flash cards and then make him so rhyming word flash cards... nope.

 and then for this week:

 week 2

finish Jana's baby gift

finish Gaia's birthday gift

make fun totes

work on Campbell's homeschooling folder

work on Mother's Day gifts

work on van basket

finish Campbell's Easter pants


so to add from last week:

follow up with healthy families

do my recert for medi-cal

Maybe work on window frame

Campbell flash cards

Print out my lists (kids and diapers)

Maybe make Mason a little dress and kitty (maybe)

Finish packing my hospital bag

Burp cloths for Henry

Addie’s birthday gift


I sure do keep adding it on.  I wonder if I should start panicking as to what would happen if some of it doesn’t get done???  Nothing other than the medi-cal and healthy families is truly tragic, I mean gifts can be given late, flash cards made at any time, etc.  I am really just trying to keep myself occupied.  And I do enjoying have to do lists, so this isn’t painful.

I’ll try to give a little midweek assessment again- because I do think I can most likely get a bunch of stuff done tomorrow.

sorry the color and fonts are so crazy, i'm to tired to really address the issue.

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