Tuesday, July 14, 2009

another new dress.

how i love this dress.... can i count the ways?
nope. i just love it so much!
it is loosely made from this free pattern.
if you are bored and want to compare it to the other dress i made, you can see that here.
i had planned on making a matching dress for mason, and then was discouraged (or blessed) by all the dresses she has right now. however, after seeing how wonderful this dress turned out (not meaning to brag, but i love this dress) i think i may just make her one for when she is 4.
which means tons of times to procrastinate.
my favorite thing about this dress? first of all, that i decided to do a band on the bottom of the dress. second, that the straps and bands would match. and third (kinda still the second) that they would be in a different color!
if you have the time (hee hee) to smock.... this dress is so worth it.


  1. WOW, you never cease to amaze me young lady!!! this dress is so cute!!

  2. I LOVE it. It looks so great on you! And the band just makes it!