Thursday, May 21, 2009


i am so happy with this bag. in fact so happy with how it turned out that i just had to take a picture and blog about it, and it still has an opening that needs to be sewn up.
i would love to just brag, brag, brag and say "this is from my own pattern!", which it kind of is, but it simply is more from my own mind.  and there is nothing to brag about, as it is was so simple to make, and i really believe that anyone who has made a bag could create this.
however: this was all me!
i love love love the fabrics, the length, and the lining (wondering if i will ever run out of that fabric?)  
however, this is not for me.  yes, there is an "m" on the bag, but it is for my friend Meaghen's birthday in a few days.  it is incredibly tempting to want to keep this bag... but i will just have to make my own... 
which i can, i still have more fabric!