Wednesday, May 27, 2009

my new dress.

this post will most likely be followed next week by a second post entitled: my second new dress.
i love this pattern! thank you to heather ross, for your sewing brilliance, and your generosity.
if you love to sew at all- go get the pattern, and start right away.
the dress was very easy to make.  it was quick and easy to cut out and sew together.  however when it came to the "smocking" of the dress, oh my.  never in my wildest dreams had i imagined that sewing 8 inches of thread/elastic would take so unbelievably long.  it was like watching water boil at the sewing machine.  you have to go as slow as a turtle to ensure that everything stays straight.  which i have several rows that are not.
and then.  the straps.  oh my.  that was part of the dress i re-tried several times, and i am still not even sure if they look right.  one strap is about 1/4 of an inch wider than the other, but i can live with it. i am also not quite sure if they are placed evenly on the bodice, but it was starting to make me crazy so i had to settle for what i had.  
i wasn't quite sure how to sew up the straps- i ended up ironing the straps towards the middle, and then sewed a little flower stitch all the way down the middle.
all in all- this was a great way to spend 8+ hours of sewing time.  sheesh.  i wonder if it would have taken that long if i had a few hours of time alone, without tiny spurts of interruption. 
either way- i have more fabric in the dryer right now- another dress is on its way!

** i still need to post pictures of mason in her new little dress and bloomers (she looked adorable, i am thrilled with how it looks on!)
** and i'll post some pictures of me in this dress so you can see how it hangs!


  1. It's beautiful! It looks so great! I can't wait to see it on you!

  2. i am totally impressed with the smocking!! you are a genius!

  3. that is awesome. i have no idea where to start with sewing, since i don't sew, so i think you are a genius for pulling off this dress! it looks so difficult to me.

  4. That dress is ultra cute- WELL DONE. I too love the printed patterns.