Saturday, May 2, 2009

so much love.

i love my new little baby.  i love my growing family.  i love this time off with Sam.

and i love love love getting back to my sewing machine!

with birthdays, baby showers, and mother's day all coming up in the near future there has been great need to dust the sewing machine off and pull laundry off the ironing board and start projects!
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this little drawstring bag took about 1 month to finish.  not because it was difficult (its pretty simple to make) but because i did 2 minutes here, 5 minutes there.  but finally it is done!
its a birthday present for a dear friend of mine. there is a second part to the present, but i need to get a button...
hopefully i will be posting more finished projects soon!

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  1. Henry is such a doll. I don't think i've given my congrats yet...? I can't belive my little Brice is just 20 days away from his first birthday. It really does seem like just yesterday he was a few weeks old. I already miss that time. I have no idea if there will be a second at this point, so I of course wish I had enjoyed those moments even more now that they are gone. In reference to your comment on the Sleepy Wrap, I do have one! But I haven't been using it. Now that he crawls and walks the last thing he wants is to be inprisioned in it. ;) And he's heavy. Even thought it helps with the weight distribution, last time I put him in it, it seemed like the 20lbs was more like 50! ;) I should give it another go next time. I love the little bag!