Sunday, May 17, 2009


i have been gone for a bit.  friday morning we left for a quick getaway, our destination was Point Reyes.  however, we did not make it.  alas, all fun was not lost.
instead, we went to beautiful Muir Woods, hit up a fantastic REI used gear sale (if you aren't a co-op member... think about it!) and headed into the city, over the Golden Gate Bridge on the clearest and sunniest of days.  ending our quick trip with a jaunt into the California Academy of Sciences brand new aquarium.  the aquarium was just so wonderful.  Campbell got so excited by every single fish he saw, and there was just so much more than fish!
it is a tad expensive (to visit the aquarium) but was a very fun experience.
so more interesting blogging will resume later.
the plan is drive up to redding tomorrow (monday) and visit with friends.  
however, as the last 2 days showed me, all plans can change, and seeing that we are currently sacking out in the living room, trying to regain energy (the children just seem to drain us) and try try try to cool off (the first heat wave has arrived) and sitting all around us is pretty much absolute disaster (including wet laundry that has not been dried, a sink of dirty dishes, and just bags and bags of stuff everywhere) who knows what will happen!

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